Happiness is … Trusting your body, your mind and your spirit.

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends

You have the power within you to set your greatness and your full potential free.

How do you build trust in your body, your mind, and your spirit? 

It’s easy to say, and so difficult and uncomfortable to do. 

We all have an inner knowing.

I can guarantee, if I were to ask you what you need to do to move towards your goal, you would be able to tell me what you think you should be doing. This is the easy part. 

How many times a day do you say to yourself, “I should do that.” ? 

Then you carry on with your day, not doing it. 

What would happen if you did that should thought as it came up? 

Would you get out of bed at a decent hour, or go to bed at a better time to allow you to get more healthful rest?

Would you make that difficult phone call, facing an irate customer with courage and compassion? 

Would you start moving your body a little more, or stop eating when you feel upset and look at what is really going on?

Would you finish the projects that are sitting in the back of your mind, weighing you down with their nagging? 

Would you clear out the items in your space that have you feeling cluttered and crowded in? 

Only you truly know what your little voice is telling you to do. 

Learning to trust yourself and do the tiny actions that will improve your life, is how you build trust in yourself. 

Now, I want to add a qualifier here, If your little voice is mean and nasty, always beating up on you, reminding you how  you are not good enough, or worthy.

This is not the voice to listen to. 

Write these words down, they are important.

These words are the beliefs you have taken on from others.  You get to decide if they help you to build trust in your body, your mind and your spirit. 

If they don’t, release them. Tell these thoughts that this is not who I am, AND then tell them who you believe yourself to be. 

Today’s questions is … What tiny action can I do today to build trust in my body, my mind and my spirit?

Until tomorrow begin to notice your should’s, are they helpful or harmful to your body, your mind, and your spirit? 

oxox Linda

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