Where are you?

To know where you want to go

You must know where you are

Where are you?

Hello, My Friends

This week has been a busy one, doing my daily challenges of #60daystosixtychallenge. I have 39 days to go until I have my sixtieth birthday.

To know where I want to be, how I want to show up, and what I want to be doing on my sixtieth celebration of breathing and living, I must have a plan.

Part of this plan is having an idea of where I want to go, and the other part is knowing where I am right now.

Today I want to talk about being right where we are right now.

Where are you?

This month we’ve been looking at happiness.

Happiness is not something out there. It is within us. You have it within you right now, and so do I.

The thing is we don’t see it, or nurture it. We tend to think we’ll be happy when something happens to make us feel joy.

I could tell myself I’ll be happy when I’ve celebrated my birthday. What I now know, is that I get to be happy now, in the middle of the mess that is my life.

Life is always going to be messy, it is always going to have drama, it is always going to have things that derail our best laid plans.

The secret is to find your inner centre.

Know where you are now. I keep saying this, and I’ll say it again.

Awareness is the key to everything.

How can you know where you want to go, and what it will take to get you there if you don’t know where you are right now?

If you were planning a holiday, you would need to know where you were starting from. There is no point in booking flights from Wellington when you live in Auckland.

So, Where are you?

Are you in the middle of raising children? Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you in a career that is draining your energy and vitality?

Are you sick and tired of living in fear? Fear of not having enough time to do what you want. Fear of not having the funds to do the things you really want to do?

Are you weary from planning and dreaming your life the way it would be if you had nothing standing between here and there, but never quite achieving anything barely like it?

Where are you in your life? Overweight, feeling guilty, feeling hurried.

These are good things to know. You can’t change what you won’t admit to yourself. If you continue to gloss over the things that irritate you pretending they don’t exist and that every thing is going sweetly, you will continue to live the life you are currently living.

You can only begin your journey from where you are.

You can’t begin at the beginning of 2022, that time has passed. You only have today to begin.

You may have tried a dozen times before and not gained what you wanted. Try something new and different. Try valuing yourself, your opinions and your feelings.

Live from your inner centre.

It may take you some time to clear off all the beliefs and thoughts that have swamped your inner self, you have what it takes to be who you want to be.

You are never behind, you are where you are, until you’re somewhere else.

As a life coach I help people like you to discover where you are, to help you to begin your journey, mapping out the path you think you want to take, AND breaking through the mental road blocks that keep you procrastinating, treading water, and living from fear rather than love and trust.

Today is the only day you have to make a change. Begin to find your inner centre, your authentic self, set yourself a challenge, have fun everyday, tap into the childlikeness that is still residing in you.

Acknowledge where you are right now, and be okay with it.

Until next time, remember you have happiness within you, right now. It just needs finding and nurturing.

xoxox Linda

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