Happiness is… Loving your body

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How can we build self trust in our body? 

Everything that happens in our body is feedback.  Pain is feedback, Joy is feedback. 

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It is really important to acknowledge your body. 

Your body and you are on the same team. You both want the same thing, and I’m picking if you are like most of us. You are wanting health, and wellness.  Your body also wants health and wellness. 

When we listen carefully to the sensations in our body, it will tell us exactly what is going on. 

Now, let me be clear, we do not have to act on every sensation our body has.

The body and the brain are in constant communication. The brains main function is to keep us alive, and it will use tricky means to do that. Sometimes it will use our body sensations to get us to stay ‘safe’, and safe to the brain means staying within our comfort zone, not moving out of our normal activities. 

This is normal, and this is where personal choice comes in. 

We get to test our body, ask it to do a little more than it is used to, then we get to monitor the result. 

I want to state that I am not a medical professional, and all tips given are my experience with my body.  By testing my body with the food that I eat and watching and listening to the results, my body tells me what is an okay food and what isn’t.  By testing my body with activity, I get to see what I can do and what I can’t yet. 

As with anything, the more you use something the stronger it becomes.

Trusting your body to indicate when it has had enough, is the beginning of a fantastic love relationship. 

Which brings me to my next point.

Do you love your body? 

How do you feel about you when you look in the mirror? 

If you feel disgust at the face or figure looking back at you, there is work to be done on your belief about yourself.  Your body can not flourish when you are hating on her/him.

Every time you call your body a name, that energy is soaking into your cells. 

It is my belief that the energy we give ourselves will manifest itself in our health and well being. 

Beginning to smile at yourself in the mirror and saying, “hello gorgeous” is a start to finding the good in you.  Start by reminding yourself about the parts of your anatomy that you do like.

For example, Thank you lungs that you allow oxygen to enter my body and circulate to every cell in my body. Or maybe you like your eyes, remind yourself that your eyes are the window of your soul and smile. Or maybe you like your hands, they are strong and creative, let them know you appreciate them and why. 

Sound silly, it is only silly because your brain says it is.

By appreciating the body you have, and the parts you like about it, you build trust in your body.

The energy with which you do anything is the energy in which you experience the thing.

Do something from fear, and fear is what you’ll get back. 

Today’s question is … How do you respond when your body gives you feedback of pain or pleasure? 

Until tomorrow look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you love you. 

Do you have too much self chatter of the unhelpful kind. Take note of the chatter, this is your brain helping you to understand what your emotions and feelings are toward yourself.  This is very important feedback. This is where change happens. 

oxoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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My details are…


email: authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

Website: https://www.authenticlivingwithlinda.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/lindacodlin25

Instagram: @lindacodlin

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