Happiness is… Conversing with your body

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends

Continuing on with loving your body. 

This body you are in, is with you for the entire time you are on this earth. 

How have you treated him/her so far? 

If your body could hold a conversation with you, what do you think it would say? 

Now, Remember you are not allowed to beat yourself up, and then beat yourself up for beating yourself up. 

What does beating yourself up, look like to you? 

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Is it calling yourself names? “You stupid twit.” “What a f**k up, you couldn’t even lie straight in bed.” “You’re so useless, you can’t even take care of yourself” And any other version you want to add. 

Do you beat yourself up by running away? “I didn’t do that.” “That doesn’t have anything to do with me.” “It’s his/her fault I’m in this position.”

Are you denying your part in your life, in living in your body? “It’s genetic, that’s why I’m overweight.” My parents treated me … and that why I am like I am now.”

Beating yourself up, does not achieve anything helpful. Ever. 

How often has your calling yourself names, ever motivated you to become better? 

For me, not once.

My name calling always made me feel worse, and when I felt worse I’d eat, or I’d do something to punish myself, which then perpetuated the cycle of feeling bad. 

While I was busy doing something to punish myself, I was doing something constructive-usually- but I was always doing it with a bad attitude, bad mouthing whoever I perceived was at fault for making me feel this way. 

As I learned to give myself grace, to hear what I was actually saying to myself and how that made me feel in my body I began to speak kinder words to myself. 

I started to treat myself with more respect. 

This process is not a one and done process, I’m sad to say. 

We are creatures of habit, and having something to blame and accuse, is part of human nature.

So the way we speak to our body, and about our selves is all part of learning to love ourselves. 

Have you thought about how amazing your body is?  The way it functions without our even having to think about it.  Our heart beats automatically, we breathe without any conscious effort.  Our hormones and enzymes do what they do without any input from our minds. 

Imagine how much better our body could be if we were to become aware of, and action little adjustments daily. 

Today’s question is…

When you beat yourself up mentally, how do you feel afterwards? Motivated or Deflated and Ashamed? Happy or Unhappy?

Until tomorrow, investigate how you feel about yourself, as I mentioned yesterday this is vitally important.

Talk to yourself as you would to a child learning a new skill, with encouragement and acceptance. 

oxoxo Linda

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