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What are your payoffs, for the things you do?

Do you like the payoff? Does it make you happy?

Sometimes we do things we don’t enjoy, to get to the things we do enjoy, or that promise to give us enjoyment.

For example, we have been renovating our home.
Do like living in a messy environment?
No, I definitely prefer tidiness and order.
Do I have to have some mess in the process of the renovation?
Yes, furniture has been displaced and then there is the building mess.
Do I like the inconvenience of having to step over and around furniture, hunting for items that are not in their usual place?
No, it is time consuming and tedious.
There is more cleaning involved especially after sanding the walls down.
The promise is the room will look fabulous when it is complete.
So, I put up with the inconvenience, happy to know that the end result will be what I want.
I am even happy when I’m covered in sanding dust, knowing that I am one step closer to the finished product.

What things are you doing that are part of the process of achieving your goal?
What can you find in the middle of this process to be happy about?
The attitude we do a thing in, affects the way we feel about the finished product.

It is my intention for you, that you find the joy in every activity you do.
If you are unable to find anything you like, enjoy or can be happy about, ask yourself,
“Is this an activity that I can change my attitude about, change the way I am thinking about this activity, and change the way I feeling about this activity or the end goal?
If it is not, consider how you might change the activity.
Look for other options to fulfil your goal.

The energy you bring to your activities leaves an imprint on that activity. Leave a positive, joyful and happy energy imprint.
Be proud of the way you conduct your activities.

Today’s question is … Does your activity lead to future happiness? Be happy now in the gaining of the thing you want.

Until tomorrow, think about how your activities will lead you to greater happiness in the future, then allow yourself to be happy now.

xoxo Linda

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