Dynamic Living: Finding FUN in pursuing goals.

Dynamic Living: Finding fun in pursuing your goals.

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Another benefit of setting and achieving goals is the fun you have in the pursuit of what you want.

Some of the most fun things that happen to us, happen when we are in the pursuit of a goal.
Happiness and purpose are linked.

When you are focused on a purpose and are moving towards it, often and surprisingly you may feel happy.
My father used to construct things in the shed when I was a girl, you knew when the project was going well, he was whistling happily and loudly.
Also you knew when the project had taken a turn for the worse, the air was a whole lot chillier and the language had become a lot more colourful.

Dynamic people know this, they have goals that they are working towards.

When you are focusing on the task at hand, you forget for a while the woes of everyday living, and I think this is where happiness sneaks in.

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Being in the moment, enjoying what you are doing, without thinking about anything except the task at hand.
And the joy of completing the task.
Skills are improved, confidence is grown, you have a completed item to show for your time and effort.

Fun, what does fun look like to you? Leave me a note in the comments below.
Fun is different for everyone, and as you leave a message below, your idea of fun could inspire someone else to have a go.
I find pleasure in things that I don’t have to do anything with, like sitting in the sun feeling the warmth on my back.
Digging in the garden, making space for a bulb to spring forth and produce a flower for my vase.
I love having flowers on the table, at the moment we have orchids on the table. They are amazing plants they grow with little care, and the flowers last for weeks and weeks.
Fun things I like are jogging, sketching, eating and dressing up.
The thing about fun things are, you don’t actually have to be good at them, you just need to enjoy them.

Enjoying something comes back to how you are thinking about it.
Isn’t that wonderful, you get to decide on how you enjoy something by the way you think about it.
The up side to this is, if you wanted to, every thing could have some form of fun element in it, just by the way you want to see it.

Setting and achieving goals gives you so much more than the goal you are reaching for.
You are learning new skills, mastering skills you already have, or maybe you are creating new ways of being for yourself.
As you aim to be the leader of your department, you will learn better ways to work with people.
As you master your craft, you develop new ways of handling your tools, which could involve teaching others your craft.
As you master showing up for yourself, you are nurturing self respect, feeling pleasure at doing what you want, even when it is uncomfortable and scary.

To be a dynamic person, proving to yourself that you are worthy of showing up for yourself is a huge boost to your confidence and your ability to own your life.
Goals snow ball into one another, creating feelings of invincibility (in the nicest way possible), the more you achieve the more you want to achieve.
The more obstacles you overcome the stronger your belief in yourself becomes, and you become willing to try new things.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Having fun is contagious, Laughter is contagious, be contagious today.

oxoxo Linda

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