Dynamic Living: Bringing a life dream to life.

Dynamic Living: Bringing a life dream to life.

Hello, My Friends

Today I want to talk about the benefits of setting and achieving goals.

First things first.

A dream is an ideal that you believe you can achieve.

A project is a dream that has been committed to paper, with actions that need to be accomplished.
Each of these actions could be classed as a goal, with step by step methods attached to them.
Each method could be called a task. A task is a measurable step that can be taken in a reasonable time frame.
Within a task, can be many smaller tasks or to do’s.
Each of the to do’s when ticked off lead to the task being ticked off, which leads to one goal being ticked off.
A project can have many goals of different types attached to it, and when each goal is checked off the project moves closer to completion.

What I have found is that we often confuse all these terms, thinking we are working on a goal when in reality we are working on a multifaceted project.

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When we don’t achieve the goal within the time frame we think is reasonable we feel deflated, when the project needed a longer time frame.
And the tasks needed to be identified with shorter time frames.

Deciding on what a project looks like is key to figuring out what a goal is and what a task is.
Let’s say your ideal is to have a tidy home.
The project would be to eliminate all excess clutter. This is a broad statement and needs further defining.
Define what clutter is to you and your family.
This then becomes the projects game plan.
A goal would be to break your home into areas, like the bedroom, the lounge, kitchen etc.
The statement of your goal would be to declutter the bedroom say, in the month of July.
You have already defined what declutter looks like to you.
The next thing to do is to break your goal into smaller goals.
Maybe your first goal is to sort out clothes.
The task for this would be to clean out the draws, one at a time. Never over commit, look at the time available and plan for that.
Start with one draw or one set of draws, put a date and time on it. Then set up tasks for each of the other areas in the room, adding dates and time frames. Each task has it’s own title, date and time. Each task has a beginning and ending defined so you know when it is complete.
When you have completed this task, celebrate, have a break, stand back and admire your handiwork.
It is really important to acknowledge the work you have done, to feel good about the stepping stone to success.
Every task you complete is one step closer to the goal achieved, which is closer to the project achieved, which is leading you to your dream life.

Every task, goal completed adds to your confidence, you are creating evidence that you can stick to time frames and dates.
You are building the stairway to success through your thinking, your actions and your self-belief.

It is my intention that by completing little achievable tasks every day, in a year from now you will be a lot closer to holding the dream life you want in your hand.
The secret is to celebrate and praise yourself for every successful step on the journey. The energy with which you do a thing, is the energy in which you will have that thing.
A goal achieved with fear, will have a fearful result, a goal achieved with self-belief will have the energy of victory.
A journey taken without pleasure and pride is a journey of hardship and self-regret.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Life dreams are achieved one actionable step at a time.

oxoxo Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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