Dynamic Living: Types of goals.

Dynamic Living: Types of goals.

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It would be remiss of me not to include goal setting in the mix of living a dynamic life.
I could go into the SMARTER way of setting goals, which as a brief reminder is.
Time bound
but I thought I would talk about the different types of goals that we can choose.
There are many different types of goals.

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There are tangible goals, or projects. Where you are creating something that can be touched, seen and used.

Like building a new house, or renovating an existing one.
Creating a fine piece of furniture, jewellery, sculptures, amazing pieces of art, and so many other items, this list is endless.
Personally I like these types of goals, they have a tangible product at the end of them and give a visible sense of satisfaction.

The next type of goal is a financial one. This is a goal where you decide how much money you want to create.

A financial goal can include your career choice, training and study. It can also include things like investments, stocks and bonds.
How savvy you are with the money you have, and how you plan to increase your nett worth and asset base.
Your financial goal could include saving for big ticket items, finding a side hustle, planning a playful budget.

The next type of goal is a value based goal, who do you want your family members to grow to be? What are the values that your family and you live by?

This includes personal development for yourself with you, within your organisation, within your family, within your community.
A value based goal may include things like volunteering your time, donating your money, giving of your skills.
The values you hold yourself to, will determine how your goals feel when you have accomplished them.

The next type of goal is similar to the one above, I have given it a separate space because I feel this is extremely important.

This type of goal is emotional maturity, or as I call it emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom is the ability to feel any emotion and not have it run your life.
Not being bound by what other people think or act, but choosing for yourself in a manner that respects you and others.

The next goal type is health goals, these can be weight loss, habit retraining, decluttering your environment.

Quitting a behaviour that is not supporting your health and well being, this can be both physical well being and mental well being.

And the last type of goal I want to mention is a blend of all the above.
You get to decide how you want to live your life.
You decide on how many things you have around you, or how few things you have around you.

This goal is deciding whether being more minimalistic suits you, or whether being more materialistic suits you.

I know these two words are loaded with both positive and negative connotations. Thoughts we give meaning to.
Neither is good nor bad, it is not bad or good to be materialistic, it is what you like or dislike and why you like or dislike it.
The same is true of minimalism, your beliefs around living this way decide whether you think it is good or bad. The only thing you need to know is what you like or dislike and why, and then to like your reason why.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Everything is, and thinking makes it whatever you want it to mean.

oxoxo Linda

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