Dynamic Living: Complaints and Gratitude.

Dynamic Living: Complaints and gratitude.

Hello, My Friends

What is good about your life today?

I know when times get hard, it gets easier to complain and moan about everything.

What are your top three complaints?

Most people complain about their health or the perceived lack of it, money how little they have of it, and how it doesn’t go as far as it once did, and the people they share spaces with.
Do your top three complaints fall into any of these categories?

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Remember what we focus on grows.
If we focus on ill health, we gain ill health. Have you noticed when the media have a run on a particular disease the insidence of this disease rises.
Seeds of doubt and fear grow quickly when sown Nationally. People pick up on the fear vibe and become vigilant in focusing on not getting ill.
The thing about your brain is that it doesn’t recognize the words do or don’t, it recognises the emotion behind the words.
If we focus on lack of money, we see lack of money all around us and then we feel that lack even more keenly.
The feeling of lack squashes the creativity out of your brain. So the goose that lays the golden egg, can’t think to produce golden eggs.
And if we focus on what everyone else is doing that we don’t enjoy, we generate more of what they are doing, which means we will enjoy what we are doing less.

Today I want to encourage you to move your focus just a little, to look at the things that are going right.
If you notice your office companion is talking a little too loudly, smile and look for something you can appreciate about them.
It might be the colour of their hair, it might be that they are actually at work taking a call that you don’t have to take now.
Appreciation is a big part of attitude and mindset work.

Gratitude sets your mind in the mode of looking for the best of situations.
Appreciation and gratitude helps you to focus on what is going well in your life.
They shift your energy signature slightly up the happiness scale, and who doesn’t want to feel a little happier right.

Often taking a few moments at the top of the hour to be thankful for things you don’t actually have to do anything about is a great way to centre yourself where you are.
I’ve mentioned before, being grateful for your breathing, you can breathe deliberately, but most of the time breathing is a function our body does without a lot of input from us.
The sun comes up everyday, and so does the moon for that matter, and neither of those roles take any effort from us. We don’t even have to be aware of them for them to happen.
Rivers flow to the sea, rain falls from the sky, grass and plants grow.
When we give them the right conditions they grow without us having to sit over them telling them how to synthesis the sunlight into glucose and tranform that into food that the plant can use.
Children grow naturally, we give them their basic needs of food and water, shelter and warm, and their sweet little bodies do the rest.

When we begin to see there is a whole lot of things that happen and we don’t actually have to make it happen, we can be more thankful.
Learning to see the best in yourself, even if it is the colour of your eyes, the smoothness of your fingernails, the strength in your arms, changes the energy you are vibrating at, and this then attracts better feelings in to your day.
These better feelings are attracting better thoughts, actions and that creates a better results.
And all you had to do was to take your attention off what you didn’t want and place it on something that is already working well. No effort required.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Focus your attention on what is already working without your input.

oxoxo Linda

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