Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires.

Dynamic Living: A vision well defined inspires.

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Dynamic people create a vision for people to grasp.
They build people up, motivate and inspire.

Dynamic people have a vision of where they are going, and they know how to create that vision in such a way that other people can feel and see how they can be become part of it.

Learning to become a great story teller is one way to involve people in what you are focusing on.
Remember to only share your vision with people who will encourage and back you, as you go forward into your vision.

Dynamic living is getting super clear about what you want, and knowing what you want it to look like.

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How can you share your vision if you are unclear on how the finished product will look?
Visioning is an interesting concept.
My understanding is that visioning is a bit like daydreaming with a purpose.
By focusing your mind on what you want, you allow it wander as it will, building mental pictures of what you think you want.
This visioning process can take time, and probing questions to get your imagination flowing.
Often we are too afraid to let ourselves actually dream about a future we want, we have been trained to believe that dreams are of no value to living.
I differ, I believe that dreaming with an open mind, a pen and paper, and a vivid imagination can create spaces, places, and ideas that you otherwise would never have thought of.
Dreams are wonderful, they are the beginning of creating.
To have an emotionally charged dream is the starting point of all new endeavours.
Being able to verbalize your dream into words, to write it down, or draw it out, gives your dream legs.
It takes your dream from the intangible in your mind to the tangible on paper.
Remember all thoughts belong on paper.
A thought written on paper is a thought that can be looked at factually, unbiased and truthfully.
A dream written on paper and built on, and looked at from multiple perspectives has the potential to grow wings.
Ask questions of your idea, let your imagination answer the questions, day dream more, build more of the framework in your mind.
Then write more.
At this stage it is best to tell no-one, and nurture your seed dream. Keep growing it, keep building your self belief.
Often a fabulous idea dies at this stage because we become bogged down in the how to’s of making it come alive.
Our’s is not to question how, our’s is to question why and what?
Dynamic people have the ability to nurture dreams, to create a safe space for them to grow and when it is the right time they know how to inspire others to be a part of their vision.

Be a big dreamer, use your imagination, get your intuition and emotions involved, then get ready to do the internal work to make it a reality.
I say internal work, because most of your obstacles will come from yourself, your brain will give you all the reasons why you can’t.
Your job is to create evidence and belief to show your brain that you can.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is having a vision that is well formed will produce a well formed idea.

oxoxo Linda

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