Dynamic Living: Finding your authenticity

Dynamic living: Finding your authenticity.

Hello, My Friends

As we bring this month to a close over the next few days, I want you bring to your attention where we started.
The definition of dynamic.

Remember that being dynamic is about a process or system, an activity or progression.
This is encouraging, as it means that the implication is, we can continue to grow into being a dynamic person by the systems we put into place. The small daily habits that become the cornerstone of our lives.

As a dynamic person it is all about your energy, your attitude and your ideas.
It is a force that stimulates change or progress.
Your thoughts are the force that create change, the situation that is causing you a headache is the stimulation or the catalyst of change, this is what is getting you ready to move from where you are to somewhere less painful.
The situations are vital for growth, without them, we would never move, we would never know we had the ability to improve our lot in this lifetime.
Once again it is they way we are thinking about everything in our lives that are behind all the actions we have ever taken.

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Thoughts, that have been thought over and over, and over and over, become beliefs. These beliefs become embedded into our subconscious mind, like a programmed loop, giving unheard to the conscious mind, instructions. More often than not these instructions are not helpful, they were put into place to keep us safe. And as we have grown we have not looked at them or decided whether they suitable for our adult lives. So most of us are being driven by something we can’t see, or don’t know how to change.
These subconscious programmes dictate the way we act, have you ever planned to do something and then did something completely different.
Self-sabotage, is your subconscious programme working to keep you safe, even when it is painful to remain as you are, your programme wants you to remain the same and will throw all sorts of curve balls at you to ensure you do stay the same.

To move your subconscious programme, firstly you need to know what it is, and your results or actions will give you a huge clue.
What are you getting that you don’t want to get?
Dynamic people are energetic, they are forceful, not in a bully way, but in a way that say’s I know what I want and I’m on the road to getting it.
They are spirited, willing to have a go, get knocked down and get back up again, to have another go.

Recently I watched the movie, Finding Nemo.
Nemo’s dad is looking for Nemo, he has been told he is in Australia, to get to his destination he is told to catch the fast running sea current.
Unsure he follows the turtles into the current. This sea current once you’re in it will carry you along with very little effort.
The turtles play and have fun, enjoying the journey, knowing they are still being moved forward. Nemo’s dad had to learn to relax and go with the flow.

This is like dynamic energy, once you are in the flow of the Universal energy, momentum takes over and things accelerate.
One of the secrets to getting into this flow is your emotional energy, using the way you feel as a guide to how close or far away you are from the current you want to be swimming in.
You may ask, “How do I know what current I need to be in?”

Glad you asked, this is where your authenticity comes in, each one of us has an authentic inner being and this inner being is like a guide, the better you feel the closer you are to your authentic self, the worse you feel the further away you are from your authentic self.

Being authentically you, is personal to you, there is no-one else like you, so there is no-one who can guide you as well as you can guide yourself. Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t seek out the assistance of other people, I am suggesting that you run all decisions by that still quiet voice that is deep inside you.
Not the noisy voice that tells you what you can’t do, that sounds like a parent or a critical teacher. This is the voice that has been running the show and preventing you from discovering all the wonderful talents and skills you have within you.

For you to be living your dynamic life, you must find your authentic voice and move closer to that feeling of peace and harmony within you.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Authenticity of being is being who you were created to be.

oxoxo Linda

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