Dynamic Living: Finding your authenticity

Dynamic living: Finding your authenticity. Hello, My Friends As we bring this month to a close over the next few days, I want you bring to your attention where we started.The definition of dynamic. Remember that being dynamic is about a process or system, an activity or progression.This is encouraging, as it means that theContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Finding your authenticity”

Harmony: Like attracts like

Harmony: Like attracts like. Hello, My Friends How does inspired action show up for you? I want you to get the sense of ease, and joy that comes with inspired action.It’s knowing you are in the right place at the right time, that there is no where else you are supposed to be.Once you stepContinue reading “Harmony: Like attracts like”

Letter from Omni- Let me remind you of who you are!

Wherever you walk you make a difference. Make your difference count. Leave your mark in such a way that the place is better for your having been there. To My Dearest Reader, Let me remind you of who you are. You may think you have little or nothing to give, allow me to remind you.Continue reading “Letter from Omni- Let me remind you of who you are!”