Harmony: Like attracts like

Harmony: Like attracts like.

Hello, My Friends

How does inspired action show up for you?

I want you to get the sense of ease, and joy that comes with inspired action.
It’s knowing you are in the right place at the right time, that there is no where else you are supposed to be.
Once you step over the threshold of self doubt, into the action, you know, every fibre in your being knows, you are in the right place.
You have a sense of calm, peace. It’s like being in the eye of a storm, everything slows down and speeds up at the same time, you are kind of immune to what is going on around you.
You are not separate from it, it’s that the winds of turmoil don’t seem to be affecting what you are doing, or where you are being.

Harmony lives in the space of inspired action.

Your energy is always attracting, always.

If you don’t like what is being attracted, change the energy signature.
Find a ray of sunshine to focus on, this will shift your energy a little.
Do something that gives you genuine pleasure, that makes your heart sing. It can be as simple as a hot chocolate drink, smothered in whipped cream with a chocolate fish on the side.
It can be as pleasant as watching a small child playing with a new toy, and seeing the connection being made between his action and the response of the toy.
It can be as big as closing a business deal you’ve been working on for months.

Pleasure is important.

Often we are too busy, chasing rainbows to stop to celebrate the ones we actually catch.
There always seems to be a next big thing, and we miss the joy of the little thing right now.
And when we catch up to the big thing and make it ours, we forget to do the celebration dance, to savour the feelings of joy, that we feel in getting it.
We also forget to look at who we have had to become to hold it.

It is in the becoming that we hold onto anything. Becoming changes our beliefs. We shift our beliefs around what we can do, who we believe ourselves to be.

Celebrating is one way of locking in the feeling of success.
It has been said that nothing breeds success like success. Energy attracts like energy, and you control your energy signature.

Today’s question is… Are you celebrating your successes? Big and Small.

Until tomorrow, Stop before you go to bed, replay your day, with the view of seeking out all the things that went right with your day.
Make a mental note, and tell yourself, “well done, I’m proud of you.” I can almost guarantee that you have more successes in a day, that you believe you have.
What you focus on grows, focus on what you do well.

oxoxo Linda

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