Harmony: Inspired Action

Harmony: Inspired Action

Hello, My Friends

Do you like what you have created? Do you like what you are creating?
Thoughts create.
The things that fill your mind are what are coming into being.
If you are getting things you don’t like, then you are out of harmony.
By shifting your thoughts to something that feels better, that soothes your emotions, you are moving into alignment with your harmony.
And as you move into alignment and hold these better thoughts and feelings without resistance, you are attracting, creating what you do want.

Today I want to talk about our actions.

Everything that happens is because of action.

Even when we don’t take action, we are acting.

Harmonic action feels like it is flowing, like it is supposed to be.

Have you ever had an inspiring thought and acted on it straight away, and found that everything just fell into place without any effort.
You did what you were inspired to do, and all the other components came together like the melody of a well trained orchestra.

We can create an environment for this inspiration to come to us.
Inspired action has an expiry date and time attached to it, however we often don’t see it, we haven’t trained ourselves to trust our inner voice.
This inner voice is usually very quiet, and is easily over-ridden by the default programmed thoughts and beliefs that we live by.

Our actions are determined by our thoughts and beliefs.
You can talk yourself into, or out of anything.

Also your beliefs will work to keep you within the confines of these beliefs.
If you believe you can’t lose excess body weight, you won’t lose the weight and keep it off.
You can do all the weight loss work, and get a slender body, but if you haven’t altered your view of yourself you will revert back to the size you believe yourself to be.
Your belief is like a thermostat, if you go below the set temperature it will come on to reset the temperature at it’s programmed level, also if the temperature goes above the setting, the thermostat will come on to bring the temperature down.
This works with everything.
The results of our actions tell us exactly where our thermostat is set.

Today’s question is… How does inspired action show up for you?

Until tomorrow, Investigate the actions that flow easily, are they habitual, or are they inspired?

oxoxo Linda

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