Harmony: Thoughts are Powerful

Harmony: Thoughts are powerful

Hello, My Friends

We have the ability to create through our thoughts.

The situations we find ourselves in may be due in part to our actions, or due to the actions of others and the way in which we have responded to them.

The fabulous thing about our thoughts are, we can think whatever we want.

Research has shown that by distracting our mind, we can reduce the sensations of pain.

Isn’t that amazing, that our brain can have that much power, firstly to create pain, and secondly to over-ride the sensations of pain.
When we decide to do something, our brain can make up excuses for us to, or not to do what we have decided.

Have you ever had people tell you that you look ill, when you feel fine, and the more often others tell you, you’re not looking so good, the quicker you begin to feel unwell?
I have, that’s the power of the suggestive mind. Once a seed is sown, and it sits well with you, it doesn’t take very long to come to life and take on a life of it’s own.
Another example would be, when you want to go some where specific, maybe to a concert with friends, there are multiple reasons for you not to go. Maybe you have to take time off from work, booking transportation maybe flights, buses and finding accommodation, maybe you have limited financial resources, and it’s up to you to organize child care. All these items become small in comparison to your want. You work diligently at ironing out all the things that would stop you.
This concert is a once in your life time event and you’ve decided you’re going. Your mind is using it’s super powers to help you get there.

You sort and organize, things fall into place that you thought would never be able to happen.
Synchronicity is at work, harmony is at work to make your desire your reality.

Your way of thinking is that powerful.
When you have faith and belief in yourself, you can ask for what you want, and you expect to receive it.
It won’t necessarily be a snap of your fingers instant, as you do what you know needs to be done, it will unfold itself and you will be able to see, and feel which turn is best for you.
Then as you become the person ready to receive it, you will receive it.
Harmony is flowing in sync with your inner energy, and the energy of desired want.

Thoughts wrapped in feelings are powerful things.
Understand this principle and you will understand how to create what you want.

Today’s question is.. What are you creating? Thoughts are powerful!

Until tomorrow look at the results of your life, what have you created so far? Do you like what you have and how you are living?
Thoughts create, actions are guided by thoughts.

oxoxo Linda

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