Harmony: Permission to do a “YOU TURN”

Harmony: Permission to do a “YOU TURN”

Hello, My Friends

Are you celebrating your successes?
What you focus on grows, focus on what makes you feel fabulous.

Today I want to talk about learning to like the person you are.
Most of us have parts of our life, we keep hidden. Areas of our lives we are not proud of, and refuse to admit to ourselves that they exist.

This is one of the reasons we feel jusified in beating ourselves up.
We claim to know who we are, and we focus on all the bad things that have happened to us, or that we have done.
I’m here to let you know, we all have history and some of it isn’t pretty.

Learning to like who you are involves acknowledging all the things in your past.

This is not the time to sit and wallow in them, actually there never is a good time to sit and wallow, because the more you focus on the uglies of your past, the more your energy is attracting more uglies today.

Being true to yourself is giving yourself the ability to know you can shift from any thought or action.
Giving yourself permission to forgive, to release hurts, to unfurl your fingers from the events that up to now have defined how you see yourself.
Which defines how others see you.

Harmony with yourself is getting real with who you were, saying to yourself, “That was me, I am not that person anymore.” And then to begin to prove to yourself that you are not that person.
Learning to love you, is all about accepting you, today, exactly as you are.
At every moment in time you have the ability to do what I call a “YOU TURN” you can turn your attention back to you.
You can move into your peace and harmony at any moment by thinking a better thought, one that gives you a better feeling.
Let’s say you have just lost your temper with a work colleague, you now have the opportunity to do a YOU TURN.
Accept that you have lost your temper, acknowledge that you are feeling angry, hurt, disgusted. (Whatever flavour your feelings are.)

Now, you get to add the AMAZING “AND” AND now I’m going to apologize for my behaviour, AND I’m taking a few minutes to calm down.
AND takes you from either, or thinking of it’s either this or that, to this and that thinking, including both sides of the contrast. It takes your thinking from your default to your purposeful thinking.

Today’s statement is… The Amazing AND adds options to your thinking.

Until tomorrow, Think about how you can add the amazing AND to your thinking, to move your thinking from this or that to this and that.
Instead of either or, to inclusive of both. I lost my cool and I’m taking 5 to calm down.

oxoxo Linda

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