Respect: Leadership Titles

Respect: in leadership

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Leadership titles can become burdens that can weigh us down.

When you are the one standing at the front of the room, giving a presentation, you have all eyes and ears trained on you.
You are the ‘expert’. Within every person sitting in the audience is someone with a life full of events, dramas, and situations happening to and around them.
Some of these events may pertain to the topic of your presentation, most probably will not.

Using your leader title you can control and manipulate the audience in a way that suits your agenda.
The thing about titles is generally they are the cloak we hide behind.
We wrap ourselves in the cloak of CEO, Manager or whatever title makes you feel big and powerful.
That cloak could be as simple as mum, dad, spouse, and what ever your chosen vocation is.

A leader, who leads from their heart, their head, and their gut feelings, doesn’t need a title to hide behind.

This leader knows who they are, what they are about, and what they have to offer.
They know their worth and their value. They are not afraid to make the hard calls in a genuinely caring manner.
They allow for human-ness while having standards and expecting those standards to be met.

A leader who leads from the integrity within themselves will always have their own back. They will always trust themselves.
Are your titles preventing you from being who you know you are? Are your titles keeping you in rut of certain behaviours?
Do you believe that if you don’t act in the same way those with your title act you will suffer?

If as a leader you are not following your heart, your head and your gut feelings then you are already suffering. This suffering is the internal variety that often stays hidden until life throws one too many curve balls and you lose control, you lose all the things you hold important.
You get to decide what type of suffering you suffer.

Why not choose to ‘suffer’ for your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being?
Stop hiding behind your titles. Be a true leader, which always begins with knowing who you are, your value and your worth.
When we discover that life is supposed to be enjoyable, that we are supposed to have fun, we are supposed to love and laugh then we can let go the idea that living has to be hard and we have to suffer it.

Today’s question is… What titles are you hiding behind? Know yourself first.

Until tomorrow, think about all the things you gain the feeling of power, prestige, and control from. Are they props, to cover up an insecurity that you don’t want to look at.

oxoxo Linda

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