Respect: Leadership Titles

Respect: in leadership Hello, My Friends Leadership titles can become burdens that can weigh us down. When you are the one standing at the front of the room, giving a presentation, you have all eyes and ears trained on you.You are the ‘expert’. Within every person sitting in the audience is someone with a lifeContinue reading “Respect: Leadership Titles”

Respect: Takes courageous Leadership

Respect in leadership takes courage. Hello, My Friends It takes courage to be a leader that respects the time and opinions of others. It is so easy to use and misuse the power that is give to us as a leader. To be a leader who is constantly learning and adjusting to the situations aroundContinue reading “Respect: Takes courageous Leadership”

Respect: The roles of life.

Respect in leadership Hello, My Friends Leaders shape lives. Our energy impacts every relationship we have. Sometimes being a leader calls upon us to have the hard conversations with our team members.  These conversations can be held in such a way that the person feels supported and valued.  And also hears what needs to beContinue reading “Respect: The roles of life.”

Respect: Leaders shape lives.

Respect in leadership Hello, My Friends Are you a leader? Leaders have the ability to shape the lives of people in their charge in ways they have no conception of.  As a leader, your words, your body motions, your intentions have an impact.  I must say everyone’s words, actions, and intentions have an impact.  However,Continue reading “Respect: Leaders shape lives.”