Respect: Takes courageous Leadership

Respect in leadership takes courage.

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It takes courage to be a leader that respects the time and opinions of others.

It is so easy to use and misuse the power that is give to us as a leader.

To be a leader who is constantly learning and adjusting to the situations around you.
In my opinion the best leaders are those who know themselves well, and have nothing to prove to anyone besides themselves.
These leaders are able to put their egos aside and be genuine with their teams.
It is this genuineness that creates a culture of respect and reciprocity, their team knows they are reliable, fair and trustworthy.
That as a leader they give the credit where credit is due, they work to finding the best solution for all, not just their status.

To be this leader takes courage, it takes putting yourself out in the space where you can be hurt, where things may fail and not go as planned.

It may even hurt your reputation at the beginning as you start to discover who you are, what your style is and how you can strengthen your weaknesses, and fortify your strengths.

It may take time for your team to trust you, for you to trust your team.
The leader of a team is like the thermostat of people’s energy and standards.
What the team lead turns a blind eye to, grows and becomes the normal culture that keeps every one stuck from being their best.
A great team lead will ensure all the team will know what is expected of them, without shame or ridicule.
They encourage asking quality questions. They teach and model the expected behaviour and are able to handle conflict when it arises.

A great team leader will recognise the people and effort their team put forth to achieve.
It takes courage to be a great team leader.

Today’s question is… Do you lead with courage?

Until tomorrow, look at your team through the lens of them being a mirror of your leading style. What does their actions say about how you lead? Do you like what you see?
You have the power to create whatever you want, and that includes teams that have each others backs.

oxoxo Linda

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