Respect: The roles of life.

Respect in leadership

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Leaders shape lives.

Our energy impacts every relationship we have.

Sometimes being a leader calls upon us to have the hard conversations with our team members. 

These conversations can be held in such a way that the person feels supported and valued.  And also hears what needs to be improved. 

In leadership we show respect by acknowledging that everyone has personal things going on in their lives.

The society we live in likes us to split home life from work life. We are told to leave our home problems at the door as we leave in the morning/evening. 

What really happens is the home problems come with us to work.

We are energy beings and our energy cannot be split into fragments without some form of consequence. 

The same with work issues, they don’t stay at work, they follow us. 

Part of the reason we are so disconnected from our emotions and the feelings that go with them is the fact that we try to decompartmentalize our lives. 

We have the parent role.

We are the daughter/son role, which has it’s own set of rules, responsibilities and tensions. 

We have our vocational role and the responsibilities that come with that. These responsibilities can put extra stress on our time, resources, skills and energy. 

We have all the responsibilities of needing rest, food, shelter, and comfort.

When these basics are not being met, they consume our thoughts and sap our energy. 

We are a part of a society, and fitting in or not fitting in also creates it’s own set of expectations and rules. 

We often are part of clubs and associations that fill our lives with joy, they also come with expectations on our time, finances, and skills.

If we separate out all these aspects in to their own little compartment, it is no wonder we struggle to feel connected to ourselves and others. 

We are one being, we fulfill multiple roles, we have emotions that are not always rational and that spill out from our heart and soul. 

We want to live a happy life.

As leaders by acknowledging that people are so much more than what they bring to work, and that all these aspects will affect how they respond on any given day.

We can open honest and caring conversations.

When our team know we really do care, and it’s not just lip service or part of the job, they also give more and receive more. 

Your energy as a leader has an impact, you decide what that impact looks and feels like. 

Today’s question is… What roles are you living? Are they aligned?

Until tomorrow, have a look at the various roles in your life, do you have them in separate compartments? Are they in alignment with your values? 

oxoxo Linda

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