Respect: Leaders shape lives.

Respect in leadership

Hello, My Friends

Are you a leader?

Leaders have the ability to shape the lives of people in their charge in ways they have no conception of. 

As a leader, your words, your body motions, your intentions have an impact. 

I must say everyone’s words, actions, and intentions have an impact. 

However, as a leader you are charged with guiding people. 

Whether that is in business, or in a social setting, or in an institution, religious or governmental.

The way you behave around other people has an impact. 

We all have bias’, we all have prejudices, we all have preconceived ideas.

As a leader it is our responsibility to discover what these are, and to shift our beliefs around them.  For every bias, prejudice, and preconceived idea we have affects the way we interact with people.  These beliefs affect the way we respect those we are leading. 

If you are in the middle of strife with someone else, use the situation to look in the mirror. 

Turn it around, nicely, remember we never ever beat ourselves up, this does not help anyone. 

Turn the situation around, and look to see what impact you are having on the situation.  How are you reacting or responding?  What is your core belief? Do you believe that these people are out to get you?  Do you believe that you will lose face if you admit you were in error, that you didn’t have all the facts?

Contrary to popular belief, the situation you are in, is to help you to be your best self.

As leaders we send our vibrational energy into everything we do.

What comes back to us, is a reflection of the energy we sent out. 

This is the best news ever, we can send out better vibrational energy, and get better signals back. 

Respecting people is one of the ways we send our vibrational energy to others. 

Today’s question is… Do you lead with respect? 

Until tomorrow, challenge yourself to look at the situations you are in, what are they reflecting back to you? What did energy did you put out there to get this response? 

oxoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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