Respect: You are your greatest asset.

Respect your wealth

Hello, My Friends

Are you looking for wealth out in the world? 

When we look for anything outside ourselves, we struggle to find it. 

Wealth begins with us.

It is the way in which we view ourselves. 

You are your greatest asset. 

Do you believe this to be true? 

You are your greatest asset. 

Your thoughts have power. 

Everything you have in your life right now, has begun with a thought. 

Was it your thought? Or was it someone else’s thought you took on board, whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

Isn’t that an interesting thought?  When we feel like we don’t have enough of anything, it is because we have bought into the thoughts of others telling us what we are worth.  We live in a materialistic world, a world that focuses on the things that can be seen, and we determine our value by the things we have, that can be seen. 

I want to suggest to you that you, your inner you, your essence, your personality, your ‘spiritual’ self, your ‘soul’ self is where your true worth and true value are. 

This is where your true wealth lives. 

All the external things are an extension of your inner self. 

When you love being you, when you know that you are trustworthy, when you know you are respect worthy, then you bring these things to yourself. 

Respect is wealth, and you have it already. 

It is within you, the art of drawing it out is what I’m all about. 

Showing you, who you can be, and that you can be the person in the vision you have of yourself and so much more. 

Today’s question is… Do you respect your spiritual essence?

Until tomorrow, Think about your spiritual essence, the place where your knowing comes from. 

oxoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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