Respect: Give your brain new stimuli to think about.

Respect your wealth

Hello, My Friends

Assets are items that increase in value. 

You are your greatest asset. 

Your brain loves information, are you stimulating your brain with information that increases your value? 

We live in an age of information, a wealth of information.

Does the information you are feeding your mind create ideas that excite and inspire you? 

Does all your scrolling turn to blurr in front of your eyes?

What stops you scrolling?

Is it something inspiring you to greater wealth?

Is it something that entertains you, but gives you nothing in return?

Do you want wealth? Dumb question huh? Not really, so many of say we want to be wealthy, yet we won’t make the small incremental adjustments to our days to produce the results of wealth. 

Do you really want wealth? 

Begin today to challenge your mind, give it a new perspective to think about. Read an article that challenges the way you normally think. 

Bump your mind out of it’s normal rut.  Did you know that  around 98% of the thoughts we think, are thoughts we normally think? We think on default. 

Our brain is lazy, it doesn’t want to expend any more energy on thinking than it needs to.  So it creates loops for us to think in. 

By exposing your brain to new stimuli, new people, new perspectives, and new information, these bump it out of it’s rut.  You wake your brain up. 

Wealth is everywhere around us, often we are too asleep in our day to day living to see it. 

Go to You tube and investigate something that you have always been interested in.  Have a go at it, find a club that does something like you want to do.  Become a learner, wake up your brain.

You may just be surprised where this new idea, perspective and skill will take you. 

Today’s question is… How do you inspire your brain?

Until tomorrow, scroll through You tube, see what grabs your interest then have a go at it.

Be safe and sensible, challenge yourself. 

oxoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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