Meanings are yours to choose.

What does this mean to you?

What are you making it mean about you?

Hello, My Friends

This week I joined with 43 joggers, runners and walkers on the Whanganui Parkrun. The starter sets us on our 5 kilometre timed event. As I’m generally a very goal focused person, I find these events invigorating, however this day I was focusing on the time number and placing number rather than the enjoyment of the activity and placing undue pressure on myself to improve. Which just sucks the joy right out of jogging.

Well, this week I jogged for about 2.5 kms, then I walked. I didn’t saunter, I power walked the way that Linda does. (I’d like to be as consistent as the striding walker who always comes ahead of me) As I’m striding along the path, there is a loud debate going on in my mind.

Do you ever have that sort of thing happen to you? Aren’t you so glad no-one else gets to see or hear what is going on in this secret place?

Anyhow, My mind is having a go at my body. (We’re not on the same team today.) Mind wants to beat the time from last week, and body wants to take care of exhausted lungs, and legs.

The rational part of me is trying to mediate between the warring parts, but isn’t getting anywhere.

So I call in the big guns, Coaching Linda. She asks with authority, What is the big deal about walking? You can jog when you feel like it right? NO! by now stubborn Linda has come to play. She’s not jogging again today, she is walking! So There! (see a little girl, with her arms crossed over her chest, standing defiantly, feet planted firmly daring you to argue.)

Coach Linda, asks What are you making walking mean? The quick response is, It means I’ll get a ‘bad’ time score. It’s means I’ll come last, and I never come last. (historically with running and jogging, I’ve not come last) so there’s a bit of pride in that statement. By asking what am I making having a ‘bad’ time mean about me, and what am I making coming in last mean about me? I begin to unravel a few beliefs I have been holding onto.

Everyday events have the ability to teach us important lessons about ourselves.

To those standing on the side lines, they would have seen a person who normally jogs, walking. They would have no idea the conversation and revelations that were taking place at an emotional level within my being.

By asking one important question, over and over until I got to the core emotion and fear, and then walking my way through those emotions and fears to the other side of what I was making them mean about me personally, I left that Parkrun a lot freer and lighter than I did when I arrived. All because I walked and questioned.

The question I’d like to suggest you ask yourself, when you are deep in a disagreement with yourself is, WHAT AM I MAKING THIS MEAN ABOUT ME?

Am I making it mean I’m a loser?

Am I making it mean that no-one will ever love me?

Am I making it mean I’m no good, I’m not worthy of love, health, security?

What are you making the situation you are in mean about you?

Is this meaning helping you, or hindering you?

What are you making your body size mean about you?

What are you making your energy levels or the lack of them mean about you?

What about your money situation, what do you make that mean about you?

All these meanings are your choice. At any moment you can choose to make these things mean something different and better about you.

You can make peace with where you are and decide that no matter what situation you are in you are worthy. Your worthiness is not dependent on anything outside of you.

When you decide to believe you are worthy then you will change your thoughts to make all your thoughts mean you are worthy.

You are worthy of great health, so you choose more healthful ways of moving and nourishing your body.

You are worthy of a positive financial statement, and whatever or however that looks to you, and you begin to take the steps to increase your financial knowledge, to make better choices.

You are worthy of love, you see yourself as lovable from the inside out, you begin to respect yourself by showing up for what is important to you.

You are worthy of emotional freedom, and you learn all about yourself, your triggers and your happy place, you create from love, joy and harmony.

Ask yourself the question. WHAT AM I MAKING THIS MEAN ABOUT ME?

Until tomorrow release your authentic self, you get to decide what everything means?

xoxox Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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