Respect your wealth.

Respect your wealth

Hello, My Friends

Wealth is everywhere. 

We live in a world of wealth.

Let’s define what the word wealth means so we begin on the same page. 

Wealth is a measure of the value we give to assets. The harder these assets are to attain the wealthier we perceive the owner to be. 

Wealth is having a plentiful supply of a desirable thing. 

When the motor vehicle was first manufactured they were considered a luxury item only for the wealthy, they were a scarce commodity, As more vehicles were produced they became more normalized and plentiful, their value reduced and more people owned a vehicle.  Then as these vehicles aged, and became delipidated and unusable the value of those that were in great running condition increased. As the availability of certain models became harder to get, the value of the item increased. 

Respecting what you have, is the beginning of appreciating the wealth that is right in front of you.

We are wealthier than we think we are.  We forget to see what we have, because everyone has it, it has become normalized. The perception is, it is of less value because it is widespread. 

When we begin to see the wealth that is in front of us, we allow more wealth to flow to us because we are not resisting against what is. 

By respecting the assets you have, you make room for the assets you want. 

This is an energy thing. 

Everything has a vibrational state of being. 

Wealth is often viewed only as money, wealth is so much more than money. 

Wealth is you. You are wealth. 

You are a creative being, you have the ability to change vibrational energy from one form to another. 

Creating wealth, begins with you respecting what you have. It begins with you treating what you already have as valuable. 

You are your greatest asset.

You are the vessel where creativity flows from, your creativity is valuable.

Today’s question is… What assets do you consider valuable? 

Until tomorrow, Look around you, what things are in your environment that you consider valuable? What makes them valuable? The amount of money you paid for them?  The difficulty with which they will be replaced? The sentimental value of the memories they invoke within you? 

Wealth is everywhere. 

oxoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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