The Essence of Abundance

Look at the sunrise.Look at the sunset.The essence of abundance.The promise of beauty.The promise of a new day.The celebration of the end of a day.How did you care for what is in your care today?Abundance loves to be cherished, & appreciated. The essence of this law is that you must think abundance; see abundance, feelContinue reading “The Essence of Abundance”

Money Mindset: Gratitude

Life doesn’t just happen to you. You receive in your life based on what you have given. Rhonda Byrne The energy you put out, is the energy you will receive. Hello My Friends This month we are talking about wealth, and the mindset that we have towards money.this mindset can be very difficult to uncover,Continue reading “Money Mindset: Gratitude”

I am a woman who …

How is your relationship with money?For the longest time I ignored money, my belief around money and wealth was not healthy.Would you like to have more money?Do you know what that would look and feel like?come with me today and investigate your money. Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin IContinue reading “I am a woman who …”

Respect your wealth.

Respect your wealth Hello, My Friends Wealth is everywhere.  We live in a world of wealth. Let’s define what the word wealth means so we begin on the same page.  Wealth is a measure of the value we give to assets. The harder these assets are to attain the wealthier we perceive the owner toContinue reading “Respect your wealth.”

$50 Million, would it make a difference?

Abundance is not something we acquire It is something we tune into. Quote by Wayne Dyer Picture by Micheile Henderson ( Hello, My Friends. This week the ‘LOTTO’ draw rose to $50,000,000.00. Yes fifty million dollars. Where I am, in my present journey in life, this is more money than I could imagine. I ‘googled’Continue reading “$50 Million, would it make a difference?”