Money Mindset: Gratitude

Life doesn’t just happen to you.

You receive in your life based on what you have given.

Rhonda Byrne

The energy you put out, is the energy you will receive.

Hello My Friends

This month we are talking about wealth, and the mindset that we have towards money.
this mindset can be very difficult to uncover, because it hides in plain sight.
We are conditioned by those around us to see money in a certain light.

If I were to tell you that you don’t have enough money and that you can’t ever make enough money.
What is your first thought.
Do you agree with me?
or do you argue. Do you say something to the effect of who do you think you are telling me what I can have and can or can’t earn?
The way you respond to this statement is a clue to the words and actions you have been exposed to.
It also says a lot about your environment.

What is your attitude to people who have money?
Do you believe they had to rip people off to become wealthy?
When you think about the likes of Bill Gates, and his wealth, what do you believe about him? What have you been told, is it the total story,or is it a headline that suits the person telling the story.
The thng is no-one really knows the real reason why anyone does anything. Do you always know the real reason why you do what you do?

Often our money beliefs lie exposed and hidden at the same time.
Because we are so used to seeing them, we don’t see them.
One of the easiest ways to move into the feeling of abundance is to have an attitude of gratitude.
Gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness we have once we have attained something we wanted.
What if we could be grateful for something before we actually have it?
Be grateful for the promise of the thing, using your amazing mind, you can see the thing you want in your minds eye, visualizing it, turning it over in your mind, so you see every dimension, every aspect, work with your senses to smell it, to imagine how it would feel to the touch, imagine where it would fit in your life, and how you will feel with it as part of your normal life.
Visualizing is what we do when we project into the future from our yesterdays and our today.
Most of us have been taught to visualize the worst case scenario.
And then we wonder why we get what we are seeing, feeling and creating.
If we have the power to create by using our minds, why would we choose to create in a way that is not for our benefit?
Because we have been conditioned to use our minds this way.
Our mind is a creative force and doesn’t care whether we ask it to create a situation that is full of scarcity and lack, or a situation that is full of abundance and wealth.
We get what we focus on, what we think the most about is what we will act on eventually.

Consider yourself wealthy.
Consider the abundance you have in your life right now. Without comparing yourself to anyone else, think about what you have that you can be grateful for.
Then tap into that emotion, your emotions and feelings with always trump good intentions.
Learning to feel what you want on purpose is part of the journey.

Today’s challenge is to imagine, fully immerse yourself in the feeling of being wealthy.
What do you think that would feel like? If you have no idea, find a car sales yard- choose a top of the line car that you like, and just sit in it, smell it, image owning it.
Have a full sensual experience with that car, turn it on, listen to it rumble, or purr or humm.
Use your imagination to create the feeling of the thing.
If you want a top end home, go to open homes and immerse yourself in the feeling of a top end home. As you walk around the home, use your imagination, pretend you own the home, how would you feel coming home each evening?
How would you feel, using the bathroom, cooking in the kitchen, sitting at the table, watching the sunsets through the plate glass windows.
Whisper thankyou’s to the Universe that there are homes like the one you want. Be grateful for the architect, for the builder, the quality of the chattels.
The more you can be grateful for the home, the more your brain will soak in the experience and go about giving you ideas on how to make it reality.

If ever the thought pops into your mind, that this is too good for you, banish it with gratitude, that you get to be a part of the experience now.
If your mind runs to that’ll never happen to you, or for you, remind your mind that anything is possible. Then ask it to show you how you can have a home/ car/ furnishings/ clothes like that.

Then begin to make it your reality.
Begin looking after the vehicle you drive now.
Remove excess possessions from your home.
As you purchase new clothes, update your clothes style.
As you require new items, choose items of greater quality and usefulness.
And always pick items you love, that give you a feeling of abundance and luxury. Then when you look at them you have that feeling you had walking through the top end home, or sitting in the car of your dreams.

Everything we do, we do for the feeling we believe we will gain from doing the thing.
Create the feeling deliberately.

Until next time.
Have a fabulous time being grateful for what you have, and being grateful for what you want as though you already have it.

oxoxo Linda

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