Sing and Dance

When was the last time you sang out loud?When was the last time you danced deliberately?When you are feeling confident in yourself, you sing and dance, you care less what other people say and think about you?Sing and Dance, have some fun. Hello, My Friends Singing and dancing!When was the last time you sang?Not quietlyContinue reading “Sing and Dance”

Budgeting and Perspective.

Do you avoid talking about money?Why? Financial discussions can be such an uncomfortable thing.Is your self esteem locked into your view of money.Budgeting is one step on the path to financial freedom. Life is about choices. Budgets provide freedom. Abundance or Scarcity? Same event different views. Hello, My friends Have you ever made a promiseContinue reading “Budgeting and Perspective.”

Love Letter From Omni

Hello, My Friends This week has seen witches walking the streets, a cute as little lion, with lion ears popping out of his costume. I’ve seen dad’s dressed as zombies, mum’s dressed as fairies. The little girl twirling in her special dress, with the best purple witches hat I’ve ever seen. Two little boys withContinue reading “Love Letter From Omni”

What does Self-Belief & Abundance Have in Common?

ABUNDANCE COMES FROM THE SEEDS OF GRATITUDE. The land of abundance is big enough to accommodate us all, clear your abundant river of the boulders that hold back the waters. Hello, My friends. This week has seen me tick off one of the projects I have been working on. Wallpaper and painting done, the officeContinue reading “What does Self-Belief & Abundance Have in Common?”

$50 Million, would it make a difference?

Abundance is not something we acquire It is something we tune into. Quote by Wayne Dyer Picture by Micheile Henderson ( Hello, My Friends. This week the ‘LOTTO’ draw rose to $50,000,000.00. Yes fifty million dollars. Where I am, in my present journey in life, this is more money than I could imagine. I ‘googled’Continue reading “$50 Million, would it make a difference?”