Love Letter From Omni

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Hello, My Friends

This week has seen witches walking the streets, a cute as little lion, with lion ears popping out of his costume. I’ve seen dad’s dressed as zombies, mum’s dressed as fairies. The little girl twirling in her special dress, with the best purple witches hat I’ve ever seen. Two little boys with stubble drawn on their faces, wearing cave man suits. It was a take over, children and adults enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon sun. Every one having fun. More treats than tricks I think.

I love the neighbourliness, getting to meet people that wouldn’t usually cross my path.

This week I thought I’d share a love letter I received from Omni.

Let me explain a little.

Omni is my version of the Universe. She is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and eternal.

Omni means all encompassing. She is wise and all knowing. Every now and then I receive a letter from her.

To my dearest woman.

Think on these things.

Wisdom comes from experience

Thoughts are the building blocks of everything.

A single thought, nurtured to fruition,

creates ripple effects far beyond what can be seen, or felt.

Confidence comes from knowing yourself.

Abundance is everywhere.

Positive and Negative are the opposites of the same coin,

and we need both.

Without resistance, ease would not be possible.

Destruction makes way for construction.

Everything is change, and change is constant.

My dearest daughter, feel the energy of everything,

let it flow to and through you.

Choose which energy power you want to live in,

and allow the rest to flow on past.

Your energy is your choice.

Choose wisely, my daughter.

Love You


I hope you enjoy the inspiration, and gems of wisdom, as much as I did when I received this letter from Omni.

Until next time, Live in the truth of your authentic self.

xoxo Linda


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