Inner Strength Overcomes Fear

Strength is the inner fortitude to carry on when life gets tough.

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Hello, My Friends

This week has seen guy fawkes, come and go. The celebration of guy fawkes with fireworks is historic, dating back to old English times. When Mr. Fawkes and his crew decided to blow up parliament, we celebrate his failed attempt with fireworks because he had planned to use gunpowder.

As with anything there are pros and cons. And much debate about the need to celebrate this occasion.

I was thinking about fireworks from the point of view of our cats.

The other night hubby and I were drifting off into noddy land, when one of our neighbours decided that quarter to twelve was a great time to light a loud booming rocket, that pierced the silent night with deafening resounding audio shocks. Because we live at the base of a curving hill, that acts like an amphitheater, the sound was amplified. Dang, now we were wide awake again.

This got me thinking about the cats, we were able to settle down and go to sleep, knowing what was causing the loud sounds, the cats however don’t have that luxury, the sound came out of no-where and to them it just might happen at any time, so they stay on high alert, Not sure where to run to hide, because they can’t tell where the sound is coming from.

When we have this kind of stress in our lives, for an extended time, it shows up in our health.

We are unable to sleep, concentrate, think or function in our normal manner.

We live on the edge of fear, jumping at any sound, or any perceived danger.

Our every waking thought is wrapped in safety and survival.

Unlike fireworks, which happens mainly once a year, living with a sense of dread and danger, can be constant.

Today I want to investigate embracing your inner strength.

We all have more strength within us than we know, or tap into.

Where does your strength come from?

What is the belief behind your strength?

When you are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, what is your first instinct? Is it to run away, or to stand and fight? Often women are trained to runaway, and men are trained to fight. These are the hidden gender roles we act on without even being aware of them.

To me strength comes from the belief that I can make a difference to my situation.

If I didn’t believe this I wouldn’t even try. And I know some of your feel like this. That there is no point. Whatever you do never turns out in your favour.

I had this belief, and it defeated me, before, I even began. My expectation was that life was against me, so what was the point of fighting it.

I found that the point is, I have only got this one physical life, and living it to the fullest is all I have.

What am I waiting for? Am I waiting to be called to heaven?

Why not live while I’m alive?

I found I was stronger than I’d been led to believe I was. That by making changes, one little one at a time, I found I had a form of control.

It is my desire for you, that instead of being like my cats on fireworks night, cowering and not knowing what to do next, that you stand up for yourself. One small action at a time.

When you ask for help, know, there are people who are willing to help, find them, keep asking until you get the help you want.

As you step into your power, you will find your strength. It is amazing to me how this works.

Do what you can with what you have, and then the next step will show itself to you. Move into that step, trusting, nothing changes without action, act, keep on moving in the direction you want to go in, one step at a time.

The resistance you feel around moving into the next step is where your strength lies. As you step over the resistance and do the action that you fear to do, something inside you changes, it unlocks a power of belief in your abilities.

I am sad to say, fear will always be around, as long as human’s are here, so will fear. Fear is our brains protective measure, and rightly so. There are situations that are physically harmful, and these must be taken seriously. However living in constant fear, without a direct cause is keeping you in misery.

I want you to stop for a second, right now, breathe in and breathe out.

Be in the moment. Be aware of what is around you, what do you hear? What are you feeling? What is your greatest fear right now? Where is your fear coming from? Is it outside of you, or inside of you? What do you need right now this second? Are you safe? Breathe feel your breath enter your body, and release it, send it out into the Universe. Calm your mind.

Were you able to answer those questions? What is one small action you can take right now to fill your need? To reduce your fear, talk to yourself in a calming voice, reassure yourself that there is a solution and you can find it and action it.


What are your thoughts creating?

Create strength and belief in your abilities. Do what you know to do. Even when it is scary, your strength and inner power will propel you to the ideal you have deep in your soul.

Until next time, begin to find your inner strength, exercise it as you would a muscle. Lean into your authentic self.

oxoxo Linda


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