Laughter The Sunshine of Your Soul

A smile starts on the lips,

a grin spreads to the eyes,

a chuckle comes from the belly;

but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul,

overflows, and bubbles all around.

— Carolyn Birmingham

Hello, My Friends

A week that has wings is a wonderful thing, living in the moment is dynamic.

Living without fear or doubt, worry or overwhelm, sets the master of time in motion.

It is living in the river of energy, called flow. This is the state of being without resistance.

In this state, time and energy seem to meld into one, and productivity, peace and results work together and before you know it your work is done.

I love this state of being, and I endeavour to live in this space as much as possible.

This week I have been thinking about fun, and laughter and light heartedness.

It is so easy to get bogged down in our day to day lives, that we forget to smile, to notice the carnations being their beautiful scented selves, watch the wood pigeon in the tree, balancing precariously on a limb that is too wispy to hold his large frame.

This week I have been making a conscious effort to use my senses on purpose. To feel the cool breeze on my skin, to notice the logs bobbing in the river, racing along as the tide pushes up. Watching the blackbirds dig all the soil out of the freshly potted plants. (Much to hubby’s annoyance) To hear the birds singing their good mornings, and their good nights. To identify that particular flavour in the takeaway meal that makes my tongue tingle with delight. To feel the fabric of my clothes.

Our senses are so under rated and taken for granted.

What you focus on grows. Awareness is the key to focus.

Often we walk around with our heads down, concentrating on all the things we think are wrong with our lives, our communities, and our world. When was the last time you concentrated on what was right, and good in your life?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Who said that? Just because it isn’t broken doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it. So many times it seems that we are afraid to acknowledge the good, the things that ain’t broke, just in case we jinx it, and they break down. What if by focusing on what is good, you increase that good? Wouldn’t you want more of that?

I tend to get very serious about my goals, I can micro focus, which does not help me live in the time, energy flow that produces ease. To combat this I have been adding fun, doing things that I know I’m not good at, just for the fun of it. Not being concerned at how the freehand drawing looks, and whether I can actually tell what it is supposed to be. Eating in sun, reading an interesting book. This week I purchased a huge brimmed pink straw hat, and wore it on my walk home, I loved the shade it gave me, and the weird looks that I received, hubby laughed out loud when he saw it. Mission accomplished. Fun and laughter.

What can you do this week to add a little bit of fun and laughter to your everyday?

What responsible silliness can you add to make your energy a little less serious?

Laughter is the sensation of feeling good all over,

and showing it principally in one place.

Josh Billings

Your laughter is like a ray of sunshine, it brightens up the darkest spaces, and warms the room. Share your laughter, your ray of sunshine.

Have you ever thought about what makes your laugh? What tickles your funny bone?

For me, my hubby is so witty and funny, there is seldom a day that goes by that we don’t spark off each other and burst into peals of laughter. It is so refreshing, it was something I took for granted, now I watch and listen, I nurture our fun time.

How do you have fun?

What makes you laugh out loud?

What makes you laugh until your sides hurt? When was the last time you laughed like that?

I want to let you into a secret, fun and laughter are within you all the time. As a child, did you make your own fun? Paper and crayons turned into paper doll dresses, water and dirt turned into mud pies, or dirt tracks for your cars to skid in, a towel became superman’s cape and you were invincible. Rubberbands became slingshots, skipping ropes became horses bridles. What did you use to create fun when you were a child?

That imagination and childlike playfulness is still within you. It may have been buried by all your adulting and adult cares. My challenge to you for this week is to indulge your super child and play, have fun doing something that isn’t ‘productive’ or even sensible. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, just for fun. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact it’s better when it’s not.

Smile, laugh and create. Be aware of your senses, feel more, be tactile, notice the feel of fabric, the smoothness of the table, the roughness of the fence, the sound of a tin fence being ‘played’ with a stick, the smell of fresh sheets, and soap, the colour of the sunrise or sunset. Notice what your partner is wearing, notice the colour of their eyes, see the pictures hanging on the walls, feel the glass, see the dust, draw a heart in it.

Laughter is good for your soul. It is happiness escaping into the Universe, share your happiness.

Remember, Everything is created by your thoughts.

Happiness is created by your thoughts.

Fun is created by your thoughts.

Laughter is created by your thoughts.

Your thoughts are powerful things.

Harness them this week and play, have fun and laugh out loud.

Until next time, may your laughter water the garden of your soul.

xoxo Linda


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