Past Versions Of Who We Were.

Past secret are like haunted houses,

You never know when they’re going to come alive.

Deal with the secrets, Let the past rest in peace.

Hello, My Friends

What do you do when your not so pleasant past, comes flying at you like a steam train in full power?

Do you duck and run?

I think this is human nature.

This week I had a deep dark secret from my past rears it’s ugly head.

The thing about secrets is they hold the perception of power over us.

We think they have the ability to take something away from us. And they can, especially if other people give this secret energy.

My first reaction was anger, to attack, “Who was this person who was dragging up my past.” “The penalty has been paid.”

Fear and loss grabbed my heart, all those negative “What if questions” surfaced.

The question, “Why Now?” “What does this person want to achieve?” Hurt, pain, vengeance?

Obviously they are hurting because of my past actions. However I am not guilty of how this person is now choosing to deal with their pain.

Shame on the other hand, is another whole different emotion. this emotion kicks into my lack of worthiness.

As a life coach I know enough about rabbit warrens, to not follow this one.

Shame only ever has one intention. That intention is to keep us small, to shut us down, to make us want to run away and hide.

That’s why the ‘secrets’ of our past have so much power over us.

We fear being isolated, we fear how other people will perceive us, we fear that if others knew our dirty secrets, that they won’t like us anymore.

And all these things can and do happen.

People judge us all the time.

We are judged on our past.

However, I don’t live in that past, the life I am living today is miles away for the life I was living then.

To combat the sinking feeling that accompanies the shame of my past action, and the fear of loss that was trying to enter my body and brain. I called on my inner strength.

I know that what I think about grows. So I chose to think about my future. I chose to build and expand from a place of love.

I sat and talked to my guilt and shame. I acknowledged that the fear sitting behind them is valid, and I will deal with that as I need to. I comforted myself as I felt the fear of potential loss.

I invited love and expansion to fill my heart. I sent blessings of love and grace to the person still living in the hurt of my actions. Which amazingly restored my peace and harmony.

Now, the reason I am sharing this, is that we all have a past, and in that past are things we are not proud of.

Maybe you are living with guilt and shame.

Maybe you have the fear, that if people really knew your past they would leave. And maybe they might.

In my world, if people don’t like me for me, my past and all, then I am better to move forward and create my ideal life. I live today looking forward, not backward.

I take the lessons of my past with me, they have made me who I am today.

You only have one life to live. Make amends for your past, face the pain you have caused to others and yourself, then forgive yourself.

Living in fear, guilt and shame will cripple you.

You are designed to live in love, peace and harmony.

This quote popped into my feed today and is so apt, I’m sharing it here.

“So many people from my past know a version of me that doesn’t exist anymore. “


Until next time, Face any guilt and shame that is keeping you from living your most expansive life.

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xoxox Linda


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