Sing and Dance

When was the last time you sang out loud?
When was the last time you danced deliberately?
When you are feeling confident in yourself, you sing and dance, you care less what other people say and think about you?
Sing and Dance, have some fun.

Hello, My Friends

Singing and dancing!
When was the last time you sang?
Not quietly hummed with the radio, or your phone with your earbuds in.
But actually used your voice and sang.

When was the last time you danced?
For no other reason than you felt like moving your body, with or without music?

I’ve been looking at the function of our voice, as in the way we speak, what is involved to be heard, to speak in a way that can be understood.
As someone who has lived a ‘small’ life, by my definition, it seemed to me that I had lost my voice.
The ability to speak in a way that was heard and understood.
As a young person I sang all the time, I don’t think I was very tuneful, but I enjoyed singing.

Recently, I realised that I don’t sing anymore.
The same with dancing, I used to dance as I cleaned house, I would click my fingers to the music as I moved through my home tidying, I would create little ditties and move my body to them, I would twirl and move my feet.
When did I stop dancing?

It’s time to put the dance back into abundance.
Light hearted dance is fun, you can’t remain angry, or sad when your body is dancing to the sound of abundance.
Singing is also one way to elevate your mood.
Words have power, singing has power.
When we hear our own words they create.

It’s time to sing and dance.
Let’s add some “a bun dance” to your plan for today.
Sing along with the music in your car.
Do a quick little shuffle as you move around your home.
Singing and dancing go hand-in-hand with your level of confidence.
I’m beginning a new confidence course in the middle of October, if you are interested in participating register your interest now.

Until next timeā€¦ dance, sing and be authentically you.

oxoxo Linda

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