The upside of ill-health

“Your body holds deep wisdom.

Trust in it. Learn from it.

Nourish it.

Watch your life transform and be healthy.”

– Bella Bleue

Hello, My Friends

It feels like forever since I posted last.
This week has been an interesting week for me, as I’ve mentioned I have had a week of ill health.
What a can of worms that has been!
Wisdom and Truth wrapped in everyday events.

I was watching the Star Wars movie the other night, Ren was trying to encourage Luke, who was hiding out, to train her in the way of the force.
As she begins to feel her way into the space/energy between everything, she notices the darkness calling her.
Luke chastises her for instantly going to the dark side.

Now, mix this with paradigm shifts in the way I’m seeing the underside of the culture I grew up in, and it seems very dark and depressing. Like the dark side is calling me, wanting to swallow me whole.
History is always told from the perspective of the “winner”, and always has the slant of making themselves look good.
We do this in our own lives too. We tell ourselves stories about why we do what we do, to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. Whether it is wise or true or not.

No human being is all light and goodness, and no, human being is all dark and evil.
We are a mix of both. AND we get to choose which one we feed.
The mental programmes that run in our mind, either, feeds one perspective or the other perspective, the one that gets the most attention is the strongest and it may not be the complete truth.

On the flip side of this, we tend to ignore or push away the ugly bits, the unpleasant, the horrible parts of being human.
We go into denial, and claim that we’d never do anything that horrendous, whatever is horrendous to you. We can’t quite accept that our forebears could treat other people in such ways, so we distance ourselves.

If at any time we, disassociate ourselves from the darkness within us, we actually give it power over us. Because in the disassociation, which is usually fear based, we give it power to control our thinking and our behaviour. We stop doing things, or we do things we wouldn’t normally do to avoid being labeled, if we acknowledge the darkness within and shed light on it, it becomes a healthy part of our authentic self.

So, this week, in being one with being unwell, I have had to (chosen to) look at a few ugly dogs, who were happily chewing on the bones of untrue or half true history.

Negative thinking is so incidious, one thought takes you onto a slippery slope of past habitual thinking, and before you know it you have created an avalanche of thoughts, which impact your feelings, which impact your actions.
Leaving you wondering if you have learned anything at all.
The up side to this avalanche of thinking, feeling, and acting or non acting is now it is in the open, exposed and can be sifted through or shovelled away as you choose.
An avalanche of past thinking, can sweep you off your feet and carry you to places you haven’t been before.
An avalanche has the ability to wash away all the old thoughts that have kept you stuck.
An avalanche has the power to destroy, it also has the power to create anew.

My avalanche of thinking about ill health, and what I make that mean about me and those around me, is in the process of creating new paradigms, new beliefs.
It is my time to accept this shadow part of my being.
To acknowledge it exists, to shovel the judgement out of the way, to replace beliefs that don’t bring love and expansion to myself or to those around me.

To open myself to the conflict of past views that have held me captive, to feel the discomfort of not knowing quite how to feel about ill health, good health and all the grades in between.
To feel the unsureness of how much impact I have on my health, to allow the belief that I need to feel in control of my health, and that some things can be beyond my physical control.
And then to feel the conflict of I get to choose what I put into my body, I get to choose how I move my body, I get to choose how I think about what is happening in my body and marry that to the outcome I want to see.

So, where is your point of conflict with your health and well being?
Have you been swept off kilter by a health event?
How are you managing your emotions and your thoughts?
Are you burying them in denial? Or are you striving to make your body do what you want it to do, even when it isn’t able to at the moment?
Have you taken the time to actually check in with your physical body?
Have you just sat and let your body breathe? Breathing is important and as humans we don’t breathe deliberately enough.
Breathing gives you a moment to calm down, breathing gives you time to catch up with your brain, breathing gives your body time to process all the vibrations racing around your body.

Today’s challenge is BREATHE.
If you are facing a health diagnosis that scares you, breathe.
If you are facing ill health, breathe.
If you are running away from some part of your body that you feel isn’t ‘perfect’, breathe.

Ask your self “What am I really afraid of?”
Then answer that question, brutally honestly.
Perhaps this feels too scary to do on your own.
Connect with me, and together we can walk through the avalanche, deciding what is relevant and what is history.
If you require professional medical attention please take the necessary steps to address this.
As I life coach I am NOT a medical professional, I help you to help yourself, sort out your feelings, and thoughts. I help you to gain clarity so you can take your next steps with a little more confidence.

Until next time continue to breathe, continue to ask your body what it needs, and give that to it. Continue to uncover your authentic self.

oxoxo Linda

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