The Essence of Abundance

Look at the sunrise.
Look at the sunset.
The essence of abundance.
The promise of beauty.
The promise of a new day.
The celebration of the end of a day.
How did you care for what is in your care today?
Abundance loves to be cherished, & appreciated.

The essence of this law is that you must think abundance;

see abundance, feel abundance, believe abundance.

Let no thought of limitation enter your mind.

Rhona Bryne

Hello My Friends,

I’ve been thinking about abundance lately.
Our citrus trees have been giving us an over abundance of fruit.
I like to use what is given freely, it makes me feel like I am being a wise steward of what has been placed in my hands.
Stewardship is managing, supervising, the careful and responsible management of something that is entrusted into your care.

When I think about money, and abundance, my first thought is not about stewardship.
Stewardship seems to be an old fashioned word, not one that is heard a lot.
However, we are concerned about how the resources of the world are being used.
We are wanting to make our earnings go as far as they can.
We are always creating opportunities for more wealth and abundance to flow into our lives. Sometimes abundance is sitting right under our noses, and because we’re not looking for it close to home, we miss it.
Often we put abundance in the out there basket.
I have to work hard, I have to grasp and hold onto what I have basket.
Abundance is a feeling.
You can feel abundant at any time, or place.

When I lived with the feeling of scarcity and lack, I held onto everything.
I was so afraid to let anything go, just in case. I was afraid to use what I had, because then I wouldn’t have it.
This attitude of lack, scarcity and fear is very sneaky, it permeates every area of your life.
The feeling of lack affects the way you exercise, it affects your eating, it affects what you do and how you do it.
Scarcity, lack and fear is so contracting, it keeps you small, and focused on what you have, so you never lift your head and see the big picture.

I had a friend say to me, that her family didn’t have a lot of money, but she never felt like she was poor, or lacking.
This intrigued me. To me they went together.
She explained that her family would look at what they wanted, at what they didn’t have and create the essence of it.

Let me repeat that, they would create the essence of the thing they wanted.
So they upcycled old draws, not from a feeling of have to, or because they didn’t have enough money to buy a new one, they upcycled with the feeling of fun and adventure of creating a feeling.
An abundance in the process.
It’s a very subtle shift.
Can you feel the difference?
The draws are being upcycled, this has not changed. But the energy behind and in the upcycling has changed.
It is coming from a fun, exciting, and in my opinion an abundant way of being.
So much more emotionally rewarding.

Everything we do, we do for the feeling we believe we gain from doing the thing.

What is the essence of abundance you want to experience in your life?
Really think about this.
If having money makes you feel abundant, then make sure you always have some money on you, and ensure you appreciate that money from the essence of abundance.
When you are tempted to spend it, remind yourself that this money is your abundance money.
It is an investment in your future abundant self. Remind yourself that you could spend it if you wanted, but you are choosing to invest in your future abundance by keeping it, with a feeling of abundance.

If being surrounded by beautiful things, makes you feel abundant.

Then bring all your beautiful things out for you to see.
Sort and store anything that is not beautiful. If it is not needed, repurpose it, or release it.
Make space for the beautiful things you really want.

Purchase less, but better quality.
One step at a time, staying in the feeling of abundance as you do so.

If having wonderful experiences with your family and loved ones give you the feeling of abundance.
Plan experiences that feel abundant, they don’t have to cost a lot of money.
You get to use your creativity and create an event that you will remember always.
Choose the essence of the experience you want everyone to have and build from there.

What actions will you take today towards creating the essence of abundance?
Do you see and appreciate the abundance you already have?

Abundance is everywhere, we just don’t see it.
Create an abundance list, on one side write all the things you already have. On the other side write in detail all the things you want to have when you feel abundant.
Then figure out the essence of the things you want, through the filter of abundance, and begin with joy and fun to create the essence.

Until next time my friends.
Abundance is at your fingertips, you have the ability to create the essence of what you want and feel abundant in the process.

oxox Linda

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