Money beliefs that block Wealth Generation.

The wealthy leave clues for others to follow.
Do you believe this statement?
What are your thoughts around generating wealth for you, and your family?Do you believe you can’t make any more money than you are now?
Listen to your brain, your belief.

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Hello, My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 25

I’ve been talking about wealth this week.
As a woman on her journey to being wealthy, I thought I would share my journey so far.
My history with money has been one of neglect, of envy, even hatred.
I grew up in an environment where money was considered to be evil, and those who had money where also evil.
I spent most of my adult life trying to please everyone, being the good girl and not rocking the boat.
So, my beliefs around money were deeply entrenched, actually they are deeply entrenched.
The more I dig into becoming a wealthy woman, the more I am finding beliefs that are not aligned with the identity I am creating.
Which means more sifting and sorting of thoughts that will create what I want, and then following up with actions that will prove to myself that I am indeed becoming a wealthy woman.

What are the thoughts you have around your money?
Some of the things I was taught, and I’m sure these ideas weren’t sown into my life on purpose, in fact I know they weren’t, because I sowed these same seeds in my children’s lives.
And now I get to see the fruits of these beliefs in both their lives and my own.
If I can give you the gift of hindsight and foresight, I’d want to encourage and inspire you to learn about money, the energy around it, the way it can serve you and how you can make it work for you. Now!
Okay, I was taught that money doesn’t grow on trees. For an orchardist it does, for the horticulturist money grows from produce. Paper money was a tree once upon a time.
I was taught that you had to work hard for your money. This one was so inground it took a lot of personal soul searching to define what hard work was.
If you are following something you are passionate about, something that you are gifted at, something that makes your heart sing and it doesn’t feel like hard work, are you worthy of the wealth you can create from it?
Definitely, most hard work, and I’m talking about uninspiring, unsatisfying and unfulfilling work feels like hard work, this type of work tends to drain your energy.
That was the work I decided I didn’t want to do any more. Also I decided that hard work didn’t mean physically hard work, part of the hard work belief was it had to be physical.
Desk work, writing, ‘pen pushing’ was not considered hard work in the family I grew up in.
I write, I sit at a desk, I push a pen nearly every day.
For me to succeed at what I want to do, I had to change the belief. I had to create a new belief that would allow me to generate an income from ‘not working hard.’
I still work on this every single day, learning to make creating wealth easy, finding the easy and fun way to do something.

You can’t be rich and happy.
Happiness is an inside job. If you are not happy with yourself without money, having money will not make you any happier.
Riches will give you more opportunity to buy bigger and better things to distract yourself from your unhappiness, at least for a while. However you feel about yourself, money and wealth will amplify it.

Money is an energy, and it amplifies the energy within you. If you are generous, you are just as likely to continue to be generous. If you are fearful, you are more than likely to be fearful with your money and the way you interact with people.
If you don’t trust people because you believe they are out to take everything from you, you won’t want to create wealth, you will be afraid someone will take it from you. And you probably have a lot of evidence from your past to back this up.

So, what are your money beliefs, these are the obvious ones for me, from the environment I grew up in. What are the obvious ones for the environment you grew up in?
The wealthy leave clues, they leave helping hand holds for all who are wanting to become wealthy.
The thing is we are not trained to see these clues.
Retraining our brain to think from the identity of being a wealthy, happy and healthy woman is where the growth begins.

Using the abundance we have now, we can begin to make a difference in the wealth of our future lives. Selling our brain on the benefit of backing ourselves, and learning to be happy within ourselves is the first step.
The life you are living now was once a long way off in the future, and here you are. What decisions did you make back then that have impacted your wealth capabilities now? Do they serve you? Are you heading in the direction you want to go with your finances?

Knowing where you are is vital to creating a plan to move to where you want to be.

Today’s challenge is to listen to your brain, she will tell you the programmes you learned as a child around wealth generation, and around your belief in your ability to generate wealth.

Live your best life, one wealth belief at a time at a time, Know your financial self and live your life authentically.
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