Goal Achievement Update

Do you want to know a secret?
Your brain and the conversations you have with yourself will tell you everything you need to know about how to become the successful woman you have always wanted to be.

How you talk to yourself has an impact on your achievements.

Successful you, listens to her inner voice.

Successful you, soothes her unsettled brain.

Successful you, celebrates all the steps to achieving.

Hello, My Friends

It’s the last day of the month, Where has this month gone?
Do you monitor what you do in a month?
If you don’t how will you know whether you achieved your goal, and how well you achieved it.
If you do monitor what you do in a month do you go back over your notes to see how well you have done, to see the areas that are more of a struggle for you.
Do you celebrate your successes?
Often we don’t take the time to stop and feel the emotions of having achieved what we’ve been working on before we jump into the next thing.

What you track gets the most attention, if you track what you are eating, that gets the most attention.
If you track your exercises and your body shape, you are giving these your attention.
When you are tracking your goal, what do you say to yourself?
Eaves drop in on the conversations your brain is having with you.
These conversations will tell you a lot about the reasons you are feeling the way you do.
Do you struggle to workout as regularly as you have committed to? Listening in on the conversation you are having with yourself, will give you a clue.

We can not emotionally beat ourselves into feeling good about doing anything.
Everytime we emotionally beat ourselves up we strip our motivation, feeling bad about not doing something is not going to make us feel any more motivated to achieve it.

My question to you would be, Are you doing this activity for yourself?
Who is pushing you to do this? What is the should sitting in the background?
Do you feel you should exercise? Did you buy into the story that you have to exercise to lose weight? If so, you will be looking at exercise as a form of punishment for eating. Does this feel elegant and motivating?
Do you feel you should prepare ‘healthy’ food for your family? How do you feel when your family don’t appreciate the extra work you put in?
Do you feel you have to keep working in a job that does not inspire you? This can be a loaded question, there could be so many shoulds and have to’s sitting in the background.

I’m wanting you to begin to investigate what you are doing and why you are doing it, Monitoring the conversations you are having with yourself.
You are investigator line tapping your personal phone calls to yourself.
With intrigue what are you overhearing? Do you like the way you talk to yourself? How does listening in make you feel?
How would you feel if you were listening to the conversation of someone else talking in the manner your brain is talking to you?

Remember you brain is on your side, your brain is trying to keep you safe. Safety to your brain is never trying anything new, not thinking new thoughts, always feeling the same way.
Even if what you are doing is creating pain, it is better to your brain than the scariness of becoming something new and unfamiliar.
When we know that this is the way the brain works, we can soothe it, like we would a small child.
Teaching our brain, gently, that what we really want is to have a slender body, to work out three times a week, to earn a living doing something that inspires and motivates us.
To build evidence that we are indeed women who eat elegantly, who are slender, who like to move our bodies. We are women who speak kindly to ourselves.
Then we train our brain that it is so, by monitoring, by recording, by failing, by experimenting and by celebrating, noticing, enjoying the process to the desired result.

Then before long, this becomes your normal behaviour, your brain comes on board, and is like, “yes! I am a woman who eats elegantly, who likes to move my body, and who has her own back.”
Once the resistance is removed, then your reality will shift.
You have to shift from within before you can shift your outward situations.
Everything is created from within before it is revealed outwardly.

Today’s challenge is to grab a notebook, Write out your #1 goal, your New Year’s Resolution. (Not that I believe in these) Ask yourself why don’t I have it already? Be prepared for the overflowing reasons your mind will give you.
Write them down, no matter how little or how big. Be the detective listening into your conversation.
These are the reasons your mind is holding you back. Pick the smallest one and find the opposite of it, and do that.
Write down your emotions about this reason, take note of how your body feels, take note of the action taken, and the result from that action.
You are the detective, is the result what you want or not yet? What is your brain saying?

This is the process to unravel what your brain is believing about your life. It takes diligence to unravel your thoughts, and sow new ones, but it is so worth it.

If you are wanting more guidance on which piece of the puzzle to work with, connect with me for coaching.
My details are below.

Have a fabulous day my friends, Until next time, eavesdrop on your personal conversations with yourself.

oxoxo Linda.

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