Future Self Actions and Current Self Actions

If you were to meet your Future Self today, what would she say to you?
The You, you are today is the future self of your younger self, if you could go back in time what would you tell your younger self?
Your future self has wisdom for you about now, ask her.

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Hello My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 24.

Everything we do, orginates from a thought.
Have you taken the time to think about the thoughts behind your actions?
Most of us don’t, most of us aren’t aware of the thinking that goes into our actions.
Unless we plan in advance our actions, most of us are on autopilot.
This month in our bookclub we have been studying Benjamin Hardy’s book, “Be Your Future Self Now”
This concept is fabulous, my coach introduced me to it a few years ago.
Going through this book chapter by chapter and working through the beliefs that are raised has been helpful to identify what my future self wants.
If you don’t have a goal to reach for, how will you know when you have attained it.
Your future self is part of the goal setting process.

Today I want to talk about one of my Journaling Questions.
What am I currently doing that my future self isn’t doing?
In my imagination I see myself in one year’s time, how do I want to be? What do I want to have achieved?
What am I doing? What will be different and what will be the same?

This is a great question?
Can you imagine yourself in one year’s time?
What do you want to be different? What was your New Year’s Resolution?
Sit with yourself for a moment, let your mind wander, if you could have your achievable hearts desire, what would you want?
One day a week of peace and quiet to relax and reflect on the week just gone, and to plan for the week coming up.
A new pair of shoes, or a dress that suits your body, purchased brand new.
An overseas holiday, camping, hotelling, or something in between.
The joy of using your imagination is that it is in tune with your hearts desires. It knows the secrets you keep buried away from others.
Imagine yourself in one year’s time, where would you be living? What would change and what would remain the same?
What are the objections that come up for you? What are your, yeah, Buts? It is these yeah, buts that are keeping you where you are. These are valuable information.
As a coach the yeah buts, tell me everything about the beliefs hiding in plain sight.
And we all have them, we are often so conditioned to them we don’t see them, until some-one shines a light on them.
So take note of your yeah buts, they are telling you something about why you are not living your dream life now.

What are you currently doing today that your future self is not doing?
If your vision of your future self is slender, and healthy. What are you doing today that she is not doing?
I bet she’s not sitting on the couch binging on movies and over snacking on bikkies and crisps. I bet she knows to stop eating when she feels elegantly satisfied.
Put the question a different way, What is your future self doing, that you are not?
What would happen if you began to do what she is doing today?
You don’t have to be perfect. Perfect is an illusion, just begin.
Every meal you eat, see if you can stop eating when you feel elegantly satisfied.
Make a commitment to your future self, to walk 10 mins everyday. Then when your now self can’t be bothered, remind her that your self one year from now, walks 10mins easily and feels fabulous about it. Then choose to do what your future self would do.
If you ask yourself everyday, What would my future self in one year’s time, do, today in this situation, then you begin to do that, starting where you are. One small action at a time, over the course of a month, or three months you will see and feel a difference.
As you move closer to the woman in your vision, as you begin to act like she does, as you begin to upgrade the tiniest little actions everyday, without pressure or guilt or reproach you will find you become her.
Be kind to the woman you are now, she is doing her best, and as she gets better, her best will also get better.
Give her a chance to prove herself to herself.

What is your future self doing that you are not? What are you currently doing that your future self is not?
Start doing what your future is doing, and Stop doing what your future self is not doing.

New beginnings involve stopping and starting, starting and stopping.
Today’s challenge is to imagine yourself one year from now. What does she look like? What is she doing? Where does she live? How does she handle herself?
Then begin to ask yourself, What is she doing that I’m not, and how can I do that now?

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next time…

Live your future life, today, one tiny action at a time.

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