Discipline: Act of freedom

Discipline: Is an act of freedom we give to ourselves.

Hello, My Friends

As we near the end of the month I am hoping that you are seeing and feeling more amiable around discipline.
That even though society uses discipline as a means of punishment and a way of keeping people doing what the powers that be want us to do.

Discipline is an act of freedom we give ourselves.

We can either choose to resist or we can go along with the flow.
We can either make a decision for ourselves or we can allow others to make decisions for us.
We can either choose to think in a way that produces the best results or we can thing thoughts that don’t help us get where we want to be.

We always have a choice.

The choice may not be in our external reality, but it is always in our internal reality.
And the internal is always showing up in our external.

Discipline is like a stairwell, it is built one step at a time.
Master the step that is directly in front in front of you, and then move up to the next step and so on.
You may be able to move up the stairwell a few steps at a time, however if you take too big a leap you may topple and fall, having to begin again.
Also the step you are moving into may not have the same tread depth or height of previous steps, and may take longer, or more effort to master.

The energy you use to create your personal discipline style will also impact the result that your discipline has on your outcomes.
Discipline from fear, and fear will taint your outcomes.
Discipline from insecurity and insecurity will over shadow all your results.
Discipline is something you do for yourself to gain the want, you want. And never something you do to you.
If you are doing discipline to yourself, you are harming yourself, so stop.

Create your discipline from a place of loving yourself, getting to know who you are, what you like, and what you really truly want.
Discipline yourself from pleasure, find the joy in everything you do.

You are the master creator of your life, and discipline is one of the keys that unlocks the thought doors.
Remember discipline is an inside job first and foremost. Begin with your thinking, your emotions, and then follow through with your actions.

Today’s challenge is to do one nice thing for yourself, one action that makes you feel good on the inside.

Until tomorrow, Feel good, feel great, take care of these feelings, they are gold in the process of creating.

oxox Linda

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