Discipline: Begins in the Mind

Discipline: Begins in the mind.

Hello, My Friends

Today is the final day of our time studying discipline.

I am hoping your view of discipline has moved more to one of fun, and self love.

I also hope you have had a bit of fun with the challenges, that as you completed them, you found out a little more about who you are, what you like and what you don’t.
I also hope that I’ve challenged you to step into the unknown of your ideal future.
To sit with your sensations in your body, and that you have learned that they can’t hurt you, that the feeling of discomfort is a stepping stone to the feelings of comfort.
I hope you have learned to name your emotions, emotions need to have names, it takes the uncertainty of the feeling away.

And most of all I want you to begin to notice what you think about.

What you think about is creating what you are living.

Let’s take something that most of us take for granted.
Think about sunlight, think about how it filters through the clouds, the windows, the fog.
Think about the blessing that sunlight is, and all it does for us.
Think about how we, you and I do not have to do anything and the sun appears every morning.
Think about sunlight and the warmth it gives.

Can you see the morning sun as it rises? And the evening sun as it sets?
Do you have to do anything for these to happen?
Can you stop them from happening?
The rising of the sun and its going down are part of the Universal laws that we participate in without any action on our part.

Our energy is part of the Universal laws, and learning to manage our thoughts is one way we can manage our energy.
Disciplining our minds to think in ways that feel better, is directing our energy flow towards what we want.

It is my intention that you will feel your emotions and that they will empower you to becoming who you were born to be, and who you have been seeking to be all your life.

Today’s challenge is to Sit quietly with yourself, in peace with who you are.

Until tomorrow, begin to quiet the chatter in your mind, so you can hear your inner self whisper to you the great love it has for you.

oxox Linda

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