Confidence: Seeds of greatness.

Confidence: Seeds of Greatness

Hello, My Friends

This month I have chosen to speak about confidence, as this seems to be a feeling that a lot of people want to master.

As always we’ll begin with the dictionary’s definition of what confidence is.

  1. Confidence is a consciousness of one’s powers of being sufficient, or a feeling of reliance on one’s circumstances, self-assurance.
  2. Faith or trust in something or somebody including yourself.
  3. Certainty or strong expectation
  4. Reliance on the discretion of ones hearers
  5. Something said or written in secret

Assurance, self-reliance, conviction, certain.

As we step into new experiences we can feel overwhelmed, uncertainty and lacking of confidence.

Confidence is a skill that we can learn.

Confidence is an emotion that fluctuates, sometimes we are more confident feeling than at others.
It is driven by the thoughts that we think about the situation and our perceived ability to manage ourselves in the situation we are facing. And as with any thought, if you can think it you can change it.

Self-talk is very important for creating confidence, the more you believe you can do something the more likely you are to give it a go.

So for this month, let’s have a go at being a little more confident in having a go at things we’re not sure about.
Building your trust in yourself one step at a time, one skill at a time.
Creating a better feeling about yourself, speaking a little kinder to yourself, and giving yourself a break when things don’t go the way you want the first time.

This month I want to sow the seeds of greatness within you,
To water and encourage you to encourage yourself to find your greatness from within.

Decide on the person you DESIRE to BE.

Until tomorrow, Decide you are building more confidence in yourself a little everyday.

oxox Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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