Confidence: Belief in Yourself.

Confidence: Belief in yourself

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When you believe in yourself it doesn’t really matter what other people say or think, you have confidence that you can do what you are planning on doing.

Confidence comes from doing, it also comes from being.

Following on from the month of discipline, confidence grows when we choose to discipline our mind and emotions with love and support.

As we prove to ourselves that we can follow a plan and show up for what we want, we build our confidence muscle.

We eradicate doubt, as we gain more evidence that we can do what we can do.
The more reasons you give yourself to believe you can so what you want to do the more confidence you will feel in yourself.

Confidence is knowing who you are.
confidence is an attitude, a way of thinking about yourself.
It’s have a do not mess with me way of being.
It’s understanding who you are and how you fit into your world and the world at large.
It’s not being duped by others and still being open and trusting.

One way to improve your confidence is your body position.
Your body position give you clues on how you are feeling. Your feelings will have and affect on your appearance of confidence.
This also gives other people cues on how you are feeling and this impacts on the way others interact with you.
The more assured you are in your ability, the more you trust yourself and the more others will trust you too.
To gain this assurance, repetitive action and continual self improvement of your personal skills helps.
The more you do something the easier it becomes to do.
This is where discipline helps to create confidence in yourself.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Set your intention every morning.

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