Accountability buddies enhance personal power.

An accountability buddy gives you the wings to be IMPERFECT so you can soar with confidence.

Hello, My Friends

This week has been a long one. We have been in level 4 lockdown. The thing is, this week has the exact same number of hours as last week, and the exact same number as next week will have. The only difference is the way I have viewed them. Interesting isn’t it, how the thoughts we allow to sneak in have a way of taking over.

Spending time with hubby seemed to be more fun than working. Reality check, if you ignore the work it waits for you. And, then monitoring your self talk about excuses you gave yourself for not doing the work becomes really important.

Authentic living with Linda, is about authenticity, being real with who we are, and where we are at.

Life doesn’t always go to plan. We don’t always feel like doing the right thing at the right time. We lose the plot now and then. Welcome to humanity.

Today I want to talk about accountability and personal power.

In psychology the meaning of accountability is the extent to which an individual is answerable to another (e.g., a supervisor, official review body, a group of peers) for his or her behavior, decisions, or judgments.

Also in psychology there definition of personal power is characterized by freedom from the dominance of others. It is infinite, it’s about access to and control of limitless inner resources, such as our skills and abilities, our deeply held values, our true personalities, and our boldest selves.

How do we meld these two seemingly opposing elements into our lives?

I want to suggest that when we live in our personal power, we value the accountability we have to ourselves first, and then to others.

Accountability is a choice we make. Just like living in our personal power is a choice. Sometimes it is productive for us to have some-one to report to, they help to keep us on track.

The question is whose track are you on? Are you on a track that you have deliberately chosen for yourself, or are you walking the track of some-one else?

Accountability is a tool that we can use to measure our results, without monitoring how we are going, we could end up in entirely a different space to where we want to be. The most important person to be accountable to, for our behaviours, judgements, and decisions is ourselves. When we are moving forward in our personal power, accessing the infinite wisdom, resources and abilities that are within us, and acting on these. It is to our future selves that we are accountable to live into our full potential.

Do you have a goal that scares you? A desire to do something so great and wonderful you don’t share it with anyone because they will think you are crazy. This is where your person power lives, it’s in the goals and dreams that pull you out of mediocrity. It is in who you have to become to live in your wonderful dream.

My life is very different today than it was two years ago. I grabbed onto my big dream, and began the journey of redeeming my personal power. Of becoming accountable to me.

The only person I have to prove anything to is me. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself. Such an easy to write statement, and such a difficult statement to live from.

If you, like me, grew up in an environment that taught, you were acceptable by the way you behaved, then being accountable and caring what others think about you is really important.

Learning to be accountable to myself, for myself is a journey of many pitfalls. And it all boils down to how I think. To the beliefs I hold as true about myself. Our self image depicts how we see ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you can do almost impossible things for other people, but you can’t get out of bed to go for a run in the mornings? It’s your image of yourself, you don’t see yourself as someone who lets other people down, but your own personal standards allow you to let yourself down all the time.

Having an accountability buddy helps you to overcome letting yourself down, as you grow into the belief that you are a person who shows up for yourself and for what you have planned. Your accountability buddy is like having training wheels on your bicycle as you learn to ride unimpeded. As you gain momentum and your thoughts about your ability to show up and act with your personal power become stronger, you and your buddy can remove the training wheels for the activity you were in training for.

The great thing about growing into our personal power is that it is a continual journey, as we master one skillset we can move into the next skillset, taking our accountability buddy with us.

Do you have an accountability buddy? Some-one who will encourage you, inspire you, pick you up when you lag behind. Some-one who thinks the best of you, who won’t let you get away with less than your full potential, some-one who will goad you and motivate you when you run out of belief in yourself. An accountability buddy is some-one who will hold you to account to do what you say you will do, they will help to keep you moving towards your big and sometimes scary goal, when you want to run back to the safety of your cave.

Your personal power is the battery that gives you the energy to plan, to step forward and begin walking when the path is still unknown and unseen. Your personal power is made up of your intuition, your perception, your belief in yourself, and in your will to persevere against all odds.

Tap into your personal power to move into your freedom, find an accountability buddy, some-one who will stretch you and to whom you can stretch, and watch as you both grow and flourish.

Until next time, live from your authentic self, grow your personal power and belief in who you are, find a buddy and follow your dream.

XOXO Linda


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