Emotional Band-aids Don’t Work.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need courage to face them.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need strength to feel them.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need patience to heal them.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need love to release them.

Hello, My Friends

Wow, what a wonderful week this has been. I have learned new things and met new people. Had my mind and reality stretched. A mind once stretched can not go back to its former self.

Positive thinking, it’s a good thing. Right?

What is positive thinking to you?

Do you over-ride all the ‘negative’ niggling thoughts with ‘positive’ powerful thoughts?

That is how I lived. I figured if I was positive then the Law of Attraction would work for me.

So any emotion or feeling that I deemed to be negative got squashed, it got sat on and ‘replaced’ with a positive thought. I figured by using positive affirmations I’d change my thinking, and with it the circumstances that I was running away from.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for affirmations, I use them every-day to step my personal beliefs from one level of disbelief to the next level of belief, without awakening the BS radar in my mind.

However, using an affirmation as a band-aid to heal an emotional wound, won’t work.

What I found was, I was using ‘positive thinking’ as a band-aid to cover my emotional wounds without cleaning them out first. And with time I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling more anger and resentment than ever. The emotional wound under the band-aid had turned septic. It was poisoning me from the inside out. The bitterness, frustration and anger at not living the life I really wanted was poisoning my soul, my relationships, my energy and my environment.

Finally, with the help of a great coach, I was helped to rip the band-aid off. To look at the rotting and septic flesh underneath that was my emotions. The initial ‘surgery’ to clean out the pus and gunge was painful and hard to look at.

Realizing I was the one who had been silently killing my dreams, suffocating my goodness, and sowing seeds of doubt and mistrust was a bitter pill to swallow.

The thing I had discovered about having the type of ‘positive thinking’ I had, was it was promoting toxic emotional waste, which affected every area of my life. My physical health was suffering, my financial well-being was suffering, my personal relationships were dying, and the ability to love myself was choked, twisted and knotted so badly that my life force was draining out of my life, leaving an empty shell.

After ripping of the band-aid, one at a time. I began to look at the ‘negative’ thoughts that I had buried, I began to clean up the stinking mess, I dressed, and addressed the toxic thoughts that I had buried. Remember, burying my emotions was my normal. The only emotions I let be seen were the ‘nice’ emotions. The good girl emotions. The sweet, kind doormat emotions. With the occasional volcanic eruption of anger, to release some of the pressure.

Are you feeling like I was? Are you so very good at band-aiding your uncomfortable emotions, that you don’t feel them?

Let me tell you what I learned, and how it changed everything for me.

Basically thoughts create emotions. Emotions create vibrations in our body, which we feel as sensations. It is these sensations we either embrace or we avoid. And it is these sensations mixed with our beliefs that create our actions, which are the results we see in our lives.

So easy to write, such a small paragraph. So much power and freedom in those words when they drop into your soul and become your beacon of light.

Everything is created twice, first as a thought, and then as an action.

So, my question to my coach was, I’ve been thinking positively, why don’t my results match what I want? Then wham she hit me between the eyes with a four by two beam, by reminding me that everything I do, I do for the feeling it will give me. And the beliefs I have accumulated over the years drive which feelings are acceptable and which ones aren’t. This is where self-sabotage enters the picture.

We began healing past wounds. Did you know you are carrying years of old wounds around with you? Some of them are heavy scar tissue and hinder free movement, some are weepy open sores poisoning your view of life, some are crusty scabs that every now and then get itchy and we scratch opening the wound again. All these add layers of extra weight to our spirit and drain us of our energy.

When I learned to embrace the ‘negative thoughts’ and welcome them into my life, they began to lose their power over me. The emotional wounds began to heal from the inside out, without me having to dwell on the situations of the past that I thought created them.

Those very thoughts I perceived were negative are actually part of my guidance system. They are a valuable part of my navigational system.

Are you, my friend, ignoring one of the most valuable parts of your navigational system because of the vibrations in your body that they create?

Emotions and feelings are vibrations that move the cells around in our body, we have been taught that we have to respond to these vibrations. I’m saying we don’t. We can be aware of them and notice them, name them, learn from them and not do anything with them. They won’t actually do you any harm. (Initially, I didn’t believe this. It was my belief that if I felt my emotions they would drown me.) As I opened the door to my emotions slowly and as I began to feel and allow my most dominant emotions to be freed, to be listened to, they became less and now I know when they flare up I need to take notice of my thought patterns, and listen to the advice they are giving me.

The anger, frustration and self-loathing have given way to peace, harmony and self-love.

I want you to have the freedom to remove the band-aids that cover your emotional wounds, to allow all the years of hurt to be healed. So you can experience the freedom of loving yourself, having peace with yourself and knowing you are good enough now, (and that you always have been.) to enjoy emotional freedom.

Thinking is neither positive or negative, it is all data and information that our brain gathers and uses to keep us safe and alive. Without thought a thing isn’t, our thinking makes things so. When we add a vibrational feeling to a thought, we give the thought power. The more often we think a thought the more power we give it.

The question is are the thoughts you are thinking giving you the results you want? If not you have the ability to change them, and the corresponding emotions and feelings. Which change the vibrations you feel in your body making you feel better, which bring you better results.

Until next time, rip off the one emotional band-aid and begin healing the wound underneath. Allow your authentic self to breathe.

xoxo Linda


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