Discipline: Goal Setting

Discpline: Goal setting

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To talk about discipline and not talk about goals would be like having the sun shine all day and night.

To set goals is to invoke the need to be disciplined.

To dig into the depths of your personality to pull your will power into force.
The thing is if your goal is something that you really, really, want then it’s not so much a need for will power.

As I talked about with overcoming procrastination, when we have a goal, we often don’t write it down.

What is so difficult about putting your goal on paper?
This is a valid question, where is your resistance around putting pen to paper?
Is it because someone made fun of your handwriting, or your spelling, or maybe you don’t feel confident in your writing skills?
Writing your goal is for you, you don’t need to show it to anyone else. You can even draw a picture, which is actually better, because our brain sees in pictures.
So long as you know what you mean, it doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else.

When you write your goal, two things will happen.
1) You will begin to hear your inner critic bagging you, she may be telling you that you can never do this, that you don’t have what it takes etc. This inner critic is very helpful.
Listen to the words, don’t attach any emotion to them, just hear them, nod you head and say, that’s interesting. Or write them down.
These are some of the obstacles that you will need to overcome.
2) You will become aware of what you don’t know, of how much more clarity is required to make it happen. You may have to do a lot of research around certain points, you may even need to do some training.
These are also helpful.

The key to writing your goal down, is to not getting overwhelmed. This can stop any forward progress before you even start.

Break your goal down into tasks. Actions that need to happen for your goal to come to fruition.
The important thing is to not beat yourself up, if you don’t have the skills, don’t beat yourself up and decide it’s a stupid idea, and quit before you’ve looked at it in any depth.

Create a list as you did in the anti-procrastination day post.
Break each item or area of your goal into smaller pieces, and then break them down again, and again until they can’t be broken down any further.
This is the place to begin. Pick one of these tiny pieces and begin to work on it, stick at it until you complete it.
Find the tiny pieces that seem to be the very first things that need to be done, do them, expect things to change, expect your point of view to change, expect to succeed.
Continue with all the tiny pieces, and very soon it will like a jigsaw puzzle, the bigger picture will become clear.

Today’s challenge is to high five yourself in the mirror every time you complete a written task.

Until tomorrow, backward engineer your day, write your list after you have completed your tasks. How much did you remember you had done?
Write the list before the day has begun and see what else you do, add them to the list. It won’t take long for you to get an overview of what you do all day.

oxox Linda

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