Discipline: Questioning your Feelings

Discipline: Questioning your feelings.

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I have mentioned this a few times this month, and today I want to look at in a bit more detail.

EVERYTHING you do, you do it for the feeling you believe you will gain from doing it.

Everything you buy, you buy for the believed feeling you will get from it.
Every person you speak to , you do so believing you will get a feeling from them.
Every meal you eat, you eat believing you will gain a benefit from it. Either as food, or as an emotional feeling, or lack of one.
Every time you do something, big or small, kind or unkind, honest or dishonest is because you have a belief around the feeling that the action or the consequence will give you.

It makes sense to ask yourself what is the feeling I want to gain from this experience, this interaction, this gadget.

Often these feelings are obscure, they hide behind other emotions.
They don’t appear to be what they really are.
How many times do you say ‘yes’ to a request, when you really want to say ‘no’?
More often than you think. We are trained by default to feel more about the other person’s feelings than we are about our own.

What are the thoughts that run through your mind when you contemplate saying ‘no’ to your supervisor at work?
Things like, “How will this affect my ability to move ahead in my job?” “Will they hold a grudge against me? ” “What will they think and say about me?”
You may feel discomfort about doing the thing being asked of you, but because you are in a room with your colleagues you say nothing to their face, and plenty behind their back.

The emotion of embarrassment, and the shame of being different will keep our mouths shut, and keep us doing things we don’t want to do.
Also most of us have the subline, or don’t rock the boat playing in the background.

What would happen if you did begin to see the feelings behind the actions or inactions that we take?
If we saw that buying that flash brand spanking new car, didn’t actually feel that great when we got it home, we began to worry about theft, about damage, about the price tag. When maybe the true feeling you wanted was to be noticed, to be recognized, to show someone you are good enough. To feel the luxury of driving a new car.
There is always an emotional vibration behind everything we do.
When you find the true emotion and fill this, your life will even out, you will be able to decide on what fits your life for you.

Today’s challenge is to pick up one thing in your home, your office or your car, and ask yourself ,What did I purchase this for?”
“How do I feel about it today?” “Why do I keep it?” “What would happen if I put it away somewhere, would I miss it?”

Until tomorrow, do the challenge, pick something that has an emotion attached to it, and feel the emotion as it is, and then as you want it to be.

oxox Linda

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