Discipline: You choose your discipline

Discipline: You choose your discipline.

Hello, My Friends

The best part about choosing to be disciplined is in the choosing.

You get to choose for yourself what area you want to increase your discipline in.
You get to decide how long you want to focus on this particular area.
Part of my choices around discipline is choosing to type this post and create a video to go with it, every day.
I’m not being told by anyone else what I must do, should do, or have to do. I get to decide. There is so much freedom in knowing this is my choice.

So what are you deciding to discipline your unruly mind around.

Remember you are doing this activity for you and not to you.

Enjoy the process, The more you enjoy what you are doing the more likely you are to do it again.
We are wanting to reinforce positive and enjoyable thoughts, emotions and actions.

Are you choosing to eat until you are elegantly satisfied?
Are you walking every day?
Are you stretching and flexing your business, or career muscles by stepping into a new role, or taking on a new project?
Are you working on being kinder to yourself, and to those around you?
Is your reason for wanting to be more disciplined so that you can create order, where you now have chaos?

Choose one tiny action that you can have success in, and build from there.
Make this one tiny action slip into your daily routine.
If having a more orderly home is your reason for wanting to have discipline in your life, begin by ensuring you have a standard that you want to meet, (make it a realistic standard, for your lifestyle) then tie that into your daily activities.
You may want to make a daily challenge to discard five items every day until your benches, tables and floors are clear of clutter.
You may want to do this when you are not tired or emotionally drained, maybe first thing in the morning.
You may want to make washing the dishes part of preparing the meal, rather than leaving them till the next meal.

The thing is you get to decide on what tiny habit you will put into place, and you get to play with your schedule until you find the way that works best for you to achieve your goal.
You have complete control, in what you think, who you tell, what you do, the emotions you feel and the emotions you want to feel.
You have the power.

Today’s challenge is to daydream about how you feel and look when your tiny action is a daily part of your life.

Until tomorrow, imagine your slender self, jogging five kilometres, eating only as much food as your body needs to feel elegantly satisfied. See yourself holding powerful, and productive meetings.
Whatever it is you want to improve, increase or begin, see you doing it, feel emotionally how you feel, and vividly step into the colour picture of your accomplished life.

oxox Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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