Discipline: Making Friends with Discomfort

Discipline: Making friends with discomfort.

Hello, My Friends

Discomfort and unfamiliar are two emotions that if we get to know them, can be the cheerleaders of our success.

I believe in embracing all our emotions, including the scary, and unpleasant ones.
Often we learn more about ourselves, when we are placed in situations that stir up unpleasant emotions.

Today I want to talk about making the familiar, unfamiliar and the unfamiliar, familiar.

We can make what we perceive as uncomfortable, comfortable.

We can experience comfort with a tinge of boredom, and sameness or we can experience discomfort with excitement, and anticipation.

People who have a propensity for high adrenalin activities have discovered this secret.

We are going to feel discomfort. We can feel the discomfort of staying where we are, and the pain that is currently bothering us, or we can feel the discomfort of doing something else, something new.
We get to choose the flavour of the discomfort, either way we are feeling discomfort.
The same is true with familiarity, you can continue to live in the way you have always lived, and get the results you have always got, experiencing the same things that have you feeling unhappy, stressed, and unsatisfied.
Or you could feel the discomfort of the unfamiliar for a short while, as you grow into the next level of skill attainment needed for you to gain the experience you want. Which will then become the familiar, and comfortable.
A little bit of short term discomfort and unfamiliarity for a long range benefit.

Making discomfort your friend, and welcoming those sensations that tell you that you are on the cusp of change and stepping into a new realm, will bring you closer to your dream faster.
Making comfort an alarm to announce you are getting ready to settle, will also help you to remain alert to new opportunities as they arise.

Often we seek comfort, we seek out things that we know we can do well, that don’t challenge us to develop our skills, we stay in jobs because we know what to expect.
Boredom sucks the life right out of us, humans are intended to find new and challenging pursuits.
If your goal doesn’t challenge you to grow, to extend, to do and be and have things you’ve never done, been or had before it is not a goal worthy of you.

Everything begins with a thought. What are your thoughts about comfort and discomfort? About always living in the familiar, and avoiding the unfamiliar?
Do you thrill with adventure? Or Do you dread anything new?

Today’s challenge is to Plan an adventure, something you’ve never done before.

Until tomorrow, feel the surge of adrenalin that flows as you plan an adventure, make it unfamiliar and new.

oxox Linda

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