Discipline: Become a disciple.

Discipline: Become a disciple.

Hello, My Friends

What are you a disciple of?

A disciple is a follower, or believer of a leader, a teacher, a philosophy, or an idea.

What are you a disciple of? Who do you follow, or what ideas do you dabble in?
We often equate a disciple with the biblical characters who followed Jesus, and they are disciples.
Each one of us has a point of view, where did that point of view come from?

As we learn to discipline ourselves to the way we want our lives to look, feel and be.

As each of us becomes a disciple. We would be wise to study ourselves. Get to know our weaknesses, our strengths and our rhythms.

Get to know who we believe ourselves to be in relation to the situations around us.
Get to know how we function best, what brings out the best in us and what doesn’t.
Know what foods work best, what exercise feels best.
Become the master of yourself.

We start out as the student, the disciple if you will, then as we study and apply what we are learning through discipline we become more adept at what we do, and before we know it we are the master, teacher, and leader.

Being a disciple goes for anything you want to know, learn, master. Find a mentor or coach, someone who does what you want to do well, and follow them.
Be aware you can also be an unwitting disciple and pick up traits that don’t lead you to the person you want to be.

What are you a disciple of? Does this suit you?

Discipline is following a plan, whose plan are you following.
Create your own plan, follow what is best for you.
Be a disciple and study those who have, and do what you want to have and do.
Then put what you learn into action.

Today’s challenge is to investigate your bookshelf, what do the books you have on your shelves say about you?

Until tomorrow, Become a master in knowing all about you, what makes you tick, what makes you think the way you do, what makes your body function at its best?

oxox Linda

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