Discipline: 7 Anti-Procrastination tools

Discipline: Anti procrastination tools

Hello, My Friends

Today I want to talk a bit about procrastination.

This is one of the number one stoppers of our achieving our desired results.

We distract ourselves from our true intention.

How many times have you gone onto the internet to research something, to find yourself wandering off into some rabbit warren of unrelated but interesting information?

This is where training our minds to stick to the task at hand is vitally important.

A few of the ways I use to keep myself focused on what I want to achieve are,
1) I write out what results I want to have at the end of the day. These are tangible things that lead me to my ultimate goal.
2) I use a tick box list format, the tick is a reward on the way. Instant feedback and feel good emotions.
3) I plan in advance, I break down the task that needs to accomplished into the smallest parts. Like sending an email, writing a paragraph for a form.
By doing this I am giving my brain instruction on what I want it to do, what I want it to focus on, and it prevents the feeling of being overwhelmed.
My brain knows how to send an email, it knows how to write one paragraph, or complete one section of a report.
Feeling overwhelmed is one of the tools that procrastination uses to preventing us from starting or making a decision.

4) I use a timer, if I am doing the same activity every day, I time myself and then I try to reduce that time, or make up a system to reduce the need to think about what I’m having to do.
Mind over matter is also a tool that is used to stop us from getting actions completed.
Often we are stopped by the thought, that it will take too long, so we never get started.
By setting the timer, it gives me purpose and a definite time frame to have completed the task.
5) I make myself begin. Often our brain will make the task bigger, harder, more boring, more tiring than it actually is.
Once begun the task is half done. Beginning your day with the most unpleasant task first, removes the emotional dread that can hang over you, and sabotage your best intentions.
Once the most unpleasant task is done, you can feel satisfied and proud of yourself. Also by beginning, you set your energy in motion, momentum is a wonderful thing for preventing procrastination.
6) Removing distractions, I remove distractions by putting my phone on silent, or do not disturb mode. I close all other windows on the computer to keep my focus on what I’m working on.
Maybe you could let it be known that for a particular hour of a day, you are not to be disturbed and in this time you work on your most difficult and pressing task.
7) Knowing what my concentration cycles are, planning to do the most thought or physically intensive work while I am fresh, and the thinks that need less attention when my concentration is waning.

These are a few of my tactics to overcome procrastination.
What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s challenge is to plan, take one task you want to get done, and write a plan.

Break the task down into all the components that need to be done. Keep breaking them down until you have the tiniest action that needs to happen.
This gives your brain focus and direction. Put the tiny actions into order of needing to be done.
Then begin to do each tiny action, crossing them off as they are done, feeling the satisfaction of marching down the list.
Remember everything we do, we do for an emotion. Make sure you celebrate emotionally your successes as you achieve them.
This is discipline in action.

oxox Linda

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